Ageha Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz….

I am currently having problems with my internet at home, therefore I am stealing my bf’s. This unfortunately means I have no access to the majority of my Gal resources, until I can be bothered to carry my Vaio all the way to his D:

So for now, here is a ‘Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz’ as seen in Ageha, and translated by myself.
I translated this around a month ago, and whereas my Japanese is still only competent I enjoyed translating this (if you can correct/adjust my translation, please let me know). Simply follow the questions, and you will end up paired with an ‘eye type’ complete with a make-up tutorial to compliment your eyes perfectly.
Which eye-type/model were you paired with?

Question 1.
白目の広さは? The (white)space of your eyes…?
a. 広め外国人風 – In the style of a foreigner – large?
b. せまめで黒目がち – It and the Iris are narrow – Asian style?
Answer A: Go to question 4.
Answer B: Go to question 2.

Question 2. 
二重のくいこみは? The fold of your eyes…? (double eyelid)
a. 強い – Strong (noticeable)
b. 弱い – Weak (small)
Answer A: Go to question 3.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 3.
目と目の距離は? The distance (separation) between your eyes…?
a. 離れめ – Separated (far apart)
b. 近め – Close together
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: You got Chihuahua eyes:

Question 4.
縦or横、どうちに大きい? The largest length is: vertical or horizontal? (which part of your eye is longest, horizontally across or vertically across?)
a. 横 (horizontal)
b. 縦 (vertical)
Answer A: Go to question 7.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 5.
二重のかたちは? What shape are the fold of your eyes?
a. 末近型 (close at the end – inner eyelid?)
b. 平行型 (parallel)
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: Go to question 8.

Question 6.
蒙古ひだ(目頭の切れ込み)はある? Do you have a non-double eyelid?
a. あり (have)
b. なし (without)
Answer A: You got Rabbit eyes:
Answer B: You got Bambi eyes:

Question 7.
タレ目 ? ツリ目? Eyes that drop downward or upward?
a. タレ目 (drooping eyes, example:
b. ツリ目 (slanted upward eyes, example:
Answer A: Go to question 8.
Answer B: You got Cat eyes:

Question 8.
目とまゆげの距離は? What is the distance between your eyes and eyebrows?
a. 遠い (far)
b. 近い (close)
Answer A: Go to question 9.
Answer B: You got Mixed race eyes:

Question 9.
白目のハジとハジの高さは? The line from one side of your eye to the other?
a. 同じくらい (the same)
b. 目尻が高い (one corner is slightly higher)
Answer A: You got Doll eyes:
Answer B: You got Idol eyes:

  • I got cat eyes 😀
    Great work on the translation, if only I was good enough with makeup to try my tutorial haha

  • YAYY! Thank you for this!! I got this issue and my Japanese isn't so great so I was definitely stumbling over some of these questions, hahahahaha!

  • Emi

    Thanks for posting this! I'm somewhere between rabbit and doll eyes.

  • OMG this is awesome! Can't tell what I am though, because I have prominent eyelid folds but my eyes are small and droopy. Guess I'm mixed race? @[email protected]

    Anyway thanks for sharing. ^_^ ♥

  • Yay! Thank you for posting this. I stumbled on this, and I love it! I've always wanted to figure out how to translate their eye make to my eye specifically.. According to this I have Idol eyes, which do you have? I think the name for eye styles is funny, though, " Chihuahua eyes"

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    I really like it!
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  • Argh Idk what kinda eyes I've got! D: