Chinatsu Wakatsuki’s new hairstyle….

Chinatsu Wakatsuki, founder of the new 109 store ‘W♥C’ updated her blog today talking about a recent visit to Osaka to meet with some people concerning the store. Whilst she was there she popped into ‘VIRGO‘ and came out with a shocking new hairstyle. Partially shaved down the side with the letter’s BB (Big Bang) also shaved into her hair.
For now it looks like she could cover this with the top layer of hair, but it still came as a surprise when I glanced at her blog.
About the Gal…
I will admit, I am another one of the many out there currently jumping on the 千夏Bandwagon. But can you really blame me? The girl is cute, sexy, she has talent, attitude and a whole lot of personality. One of the main reasons I admire her, is because of her fashion sense – that includes her hairstyles. I have yet to see her wearing an outfit I don’t like (let’s not count her days as a Gravure idol lol).
Her style is so refreshing as are the items that can be found in ‘W♥C’, but I was really taken aback by this sudden change. I personally wouldn’t be able to rock the partially shaved head, but I have seen plenty of girls who can.
Of course Gal doesn’t always have to be about long flowing hair, with volume and big puffy curls. I personally like the shorter haircuts or the rock/punk inspired looks that are becoming more popular lately – it’s nice to see a change and a little variety.
Maybe Chinatsu will end up starting a new trend?
She does seem to be one of the current ‘it’ girls right now. Either way it just seems temporary on her part and I’m afraid this look just isn’t for me. Although I am interested to see how she will work it.
So what do you guys think?
Can you be Gal and do something so extreme?
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Edit; Thanks to Mitsu who mentioned that this is now becoming more popular with the 109 W♥C staff. Looks like Chinatsu certainly has started something ;D
  • I love it, but shaving is always daring because I know how much of a pain it is to grow back haha

  • This is getting really popular among the 109 w<3c staff, my chica did leopard and another has w<3c done on her head. I think Chinatsu was doing other designs before this and of course starting the trend.

    I love her nutty advant-garde self. ^_^<3

    I admit there was a time far far ago when I liked cybergoth fashion and I shaved my undercut. It took forever and a year to grow out >_<;; Oh the memories <_<

  • @Mitsu: Oh really? I didn't know that, although I think I kind of remember the leopard print from one of your previous post's?! Or somewhere lol

    Wow that's certainly a long time. I can't imagine how awkward and difficult that would be.

  • I love this girl <3 I like her shaved hair~ It's been quite fashionable for the 'indie' kids in the UK to get it done

  • helloo!!!
    for sure u can add my blog!! If u don't care I wanna add yours aswell^-^
    I didn't know that girl!! I don't like punk style but her style really looks cool!!

  • I love Chinatsu Wakatsuk,so so stylish:)Love her hair,though I couldn't do it:)

  • Chinatsu's style reminds me of this one from a recent issue of Ranzuki:

    It's actually sort of cute! Personally, I couldn't take growing everything out. That would absolutely kill me, lol.

  • Hehe I didn't know she liked Big Bang 🙂 I love them!
    Also this hairstyle is soo awesome. I have a friend who also sports this hairstyle (but she's more of a punk-rocker not gal style) and she just has stripes in her hair…but she pulls it off wonderfully and if she puts her hair down it looks normal again. 🙂

  • Nice blog! I follow you ;D

  • She is definitely a trendsetter & I think this proves it more than anything. She's not afraid to take her style to the next level & I personally think that is one of the core things about being GAL~ it's half style & half pure attitude! ♥

  • She's crazy (in the best way!) I kinda wish she had gotten her brand W♥C instead but she's gotta be true to her fangirlness :DD

  • Although it's okay for certain people to obtain extreme hair cuts, either once in their lifetime for the fun of it or if it fits their personality to a tee, personally I don't like the hair cut. I'm definitely an old school gal — long hair all the way. It doesn't have to be waist length hair, but just below the shoulder hair cuts are sexy too. But I do encourage people to experiment with hair once in a while since it grows back but I'll never do this particular hair style. Sorry!

  • Got here through LJ, and through Mitsu too.

    I'd do this shaving style but only towards the back of my neck, so I can hide it … unless I need to wear an updo for work.

    It reminds me of what my older sister E did 10+ years ago, back when she was in high school in the 1990s … she got a pageboy bob, coloured it purple, then shaved a huge "E" at the area towards the back of her neck. And then she matched it with tight baby-tees and low-rise elephant jeans because she was all wicked hip-hop. We went to a Catholic all-girls' school so that was all sorts of kick-ass at the time. dXDb This memory makes me sorta wish I thought of the trend!

  • ooooo nice post nice post!!! i love how youve got this posts that are like actually so to say 'on top of' whats going on in shibubububu~ its been too long since my last visit there so these make me miss tokyo too bad but well, its still cool~
    you were asking for what wed like you to post- i liked the maya mori vs. you post and this one, with some info on something thats been currently going on or what celebs & models have been up to lately!
    great job blogging yeeeeay<3

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