Discuss: Can make-up represent a clothing brand?

Today I want to get discussion going about something that is popular in Japan.
I will be featuring one of my favourite Japanese brands, Murua, to help explain.

In Japan, clothing brands spend a lot of time representing themselves and their staff.
The presentation of the staff reflects on the store and brand, which makes a lot of sense.
This is done through not only their clothing and accessories, but make-up and hair too.

So with every new season some of the brands and stores send their shop staff (usually the store manager) off to a special meeting. Here, they are taught the key make-up and hair looks for that season, for the brand. The looks compliment that season’s collection, and make the brand and staff stand out. The manager then goes back and passes on this information to the shop staff, who are then expected to use these key looks in their everyday make-up & hair routine, whilst at work.

The shop staff are not forced to re-create the looks step-by-step and are allowed to add their own personal flair.
This means that they can retain their own personal style within the brand, much like those who work for clothing stores are expected to wear clothing from that store, or make-up counter staff are expected to wear make-up from that brand.

I personally would love to see something similar in stores like Topshop that have their own make-up line. I know a lot of clothing and department stores have rules on what kind of make-up to wear (subtle etc) in the UK, and are asked to be on-trend, but it’s not usually like this. I think it would inspire the customer more and help represent the brand too, whilst adding a little something extra. I do fear that it restricts people’s personal tastes a bit, but I think there’s always room to be inventive. However I think this works so well in Japan because of customer loyalty, so I’m not sure if it would catch on.
What do you think of this idea?
Do you think it would work in the UK, or Europe?

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Discuss: ‘Snaggletooth’ Trend

We all know that Japan loves their trends and fads, nothing new there. The most recent ‘trend’ that seems to be the in-topic of discussion lately, is the ‘snaggletooth’ trend. Snaggletooth is an American term, which refers to pointing out or crooked teeth (prominent canines). In Japan it is called Tsuke Yaeba. This isn’t a new trend, but it has become so popular that a new girl group has been created around the term – check out TYB48 (see what they did there?) in the above photo. They were chosen through a dental clinic that specializes in the trend.
Dental care isn’t that amazing in Japan, and wonky teeth are quite common, although braces are becoming more popular with younger generations. So whereas the term has negative connotations in the West, a lot of Japanese people find it cute and endearing. Why?! Well apparently a more ‘homely’ look attracts more suitors.
Kirsten Dunst & Japanese Idol Tomomi Itano
The trend has become so popular in Japan that a dental surgery in Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza district has started offering it as a service. Women have been spending around $400 on treatments that will allow them to achieve the look. Don’t worry though their teeth aren’t pulled around and moved about! Plastic caps are placed over the teeth to create the effect.
I personally think it’s sweet that ‘wonky teeth’ aren’t seen as unattractive in Japan, and there isn’t as much pressure on having perfect whites. However I am someone who went through having braces etc. to improve my teeth. I also don’t like the idea of altering this kind of part of my body, just to be seen as attractive, so I personally wouldn’t do it. 

What do you think of the trend?
Would you be willing to alter your body just to stay fashionable, or find a partner?

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Photo Diary: What do you want to see?

Jizo statues at a temple in Tokyo, Japan

If you’re a regular to my blog, you will know that I often post ‘photo diaries’.
These are just a small collection of photos from my travels, or events that I have attended etc.
I plan to continue with my Japan & Paris photo diaries as I have plenty more photos to post.
However I thought it might make a change if I did a couple of ‘personal’ photo diary entries.

Leave a comment with something you would like to see a photo of from my daily life.
e.g. My favourite item of clothing, the view from my window, a funny sign etc.

Thank You Video!!

First off, I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who voted for me in the recent ‘Blogger Barcelona Competition‘. All of your votes meant so much to me. I truly have some wonderful followers!
Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I’m so happy that I was chosen to take part.

As a thank you I wanted to offer something to all my followers.
I thought about it long and hard, and I didn’t want to just do another giveaway,
as I already have a couple  lined up for next month.
Therefore I decided to my very first video!

The subject? Your questions!!
I want to answer all of your questions, whether they’re about beauty, fashion, life in Japan etc.

It might seem a little weird to do a video as a present to my followers. 
I just want to be able to connect with you all a bit more, in a different way!

So please, leave a comment with any questions you want me to answer!

Your Choice: Winter Skin Saviours

I was recently sent a variety of skin care products to try out, all of which are aimed at helping fight against the harsh effects of Winter. I will need to use them for a little while before I hopefully start to see any effects, so whilst I am testing the above three items, I’d like to know which item you would like to see reviewed first?

Bio-Oil (Boots)
“You can use Bio-Oil all over, including on the face, to provide daily protection and to perfect your skin. Or, use it as an intense treatment for delicate areas that are most at risk from damage caused by exposure to the elements, such as hands, nails and cuticles, face, neck and décolletage.” – Bio-Oil skincare expert Kirsty Mawhinney

Bio-Oil’s concentrated formula is enriched with Vitamin E to protect against dehydration and Vitamin A to keep skin supple and smooth. These essential skincare ingredients are important on their own, but in Bio-Oil they are combined with PurCellin Oil™ to take them deep into the second layer of the skin for gold-standard targeted treatment.

Manuka Doctor Apinourish Repairing Skin Cream (Holland and Barrett)
This lightweight non-greasy cream delivers a perfect balance of intense hydration and purified nutrients that accelerate skin regeneration. In turn, repairing the skin’s natural balance and assisting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and scarring.

Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant (Boots)
“It’s even more important to exfoliate once or twice per week during colder winter months. Especially with a non-abrasive treatment such as Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant. When the winter comes the skin produces less natural oils due to the cooler temperatures and central heating so the skin can lose some of its natural moisture. Regular exfoliation will remove the build up of dead skin cells and allow the skin to absorb extra moisture, as well as ensuring that skin retains radiance and vitality.” – Catherine de Groot, co-founder of Trilogy

Which product would you like to see reviewed first?
Manuka Doctor

Discuss; Katy Perry Eyelashes

Oh, My! Lightweight, but full of texture for a dramatic eye.

Oh, Honey! Fuller, slightly more natural lashes, for day or night.

Cool Kitty Fuller lash for more dramatic eyes.

Sweetie Pie Sweet, subtle and feminine for everyday use.

Katy worked with Eylure (she wore their lashes all throughout her tour) to create 4 sets of eyelashes (cost; $6.99) that she felt were gorgeous and great quality. 

We’re all used to celebrities bringing out their own perfumes by this point, but we don’t get to see too many false eyelashes being endorsed by celebrities, maybe because they’d like us to believe they’re all natural? 
Anyway, I think Katy Perry has made a good choice; previously we saw Girls Aloud bring out several ranges with Eylure, which sold out in-store and online. We already know Katy wears falsies, and her make-up is always flawless, so I think fans of Katy and false eyelashes alike will want to snap these up!

As I said before, I like the idea and I think it will work well for Katy. However, I’m not too impressed with the looks of the lashes myself; I was expecting something a bit more elegant, or unique. Still, I will leave my full judgement until I can see them in person.

Will you be grabbing a pair?
The Katy Perry range by Eylure will be available in ULTA stores and online from February 14th, Valentines day. For those outside of the USA keep your eyes peeled, hopefully they will be coming to a store near you soon!

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What were they thinking?

It’s been a while since the last edition of ‘What were they thinking?’ – did you miss it? For those that are new to the series, I’ll fill you in. WWTT is a series based on some of the more debatable current trends or clothing items. The point isn’t to hate, but to debate! Do you agree, would you wear it, have you seen it on the street?

For this edition I’m featuring a scan from the December issue of JELLY.
The item/trend in question? Panties (thongs) that are visible over jeans, shorts etc.

click to enlarge

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore fancy panties but I really do dislike seeing other peoples over the top of their trousers. It reminds me of high school when showing your thong over your trousers was popular. I wasn’t a fan then and I’m not a fan now. Sorry ladies, I’m sure you look fab in your panties but have a little class and keep them hidden.

This was most likely shot for the magazine/ad campaign alone and is not an actual trend. So don’t worry. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become one!