What were they thinking?

It’s been a while since the last edition of ‘What were they thinking?’ – did you miss it? For those that are new to the series, I’ll fill you in. WWTT is a series based on some of the more debatable current trends or clothing items. The point isn’t to hate, but to debate! Do you agree, would you wear it, have you seen it on the street?

For this edition I’m featuring a scan from the December issue of JELLY.
The item/trend in question? Panties (thongs) that are visible over jeans, shorts etc.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I adore fancy panties but I really do dislike seeing other peoples over the top of their trousers. It reminds me of high school when showing your thong over your trousers was popular. I wasn’t a fan then and I’m not a fan now. Sorry ladies, I’m sure you look fab in your panties but have a little class and keep them hidden.

This was most likely shot for the magazine/ad campaign alone and is not an actual trend. So don’t worry. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become one!