Discuss; Puffy Eye-bag Trend

Getting rid of puffy and noticeable bags under the eyes is something that most women battle with in their daily make-up routine. So when I saw a recent make-up tutorial in Popteen that was specifically to achieve puffy eye bags I was slightly taken aback.

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The idea behind it is to create a smiley, innocent looking face.
What do you think? Will you be re-creating this look?

I personally like the idea, it’s very wholesome and sweet…however I do wonder if maybe just smiling more would work better. I don’t think I will be trying this, but I’d be interested to see others who have.

English Rose or Japanese Cherry Blossom?

Skype sessions with my best friend in Japan always make for fun discussions;
A few days ago we were contemplating why Rose flavoured & scented items are popular in Japan, and why Cherry Blossom products are popular in the UK. 
We didn’t really come to a conclusion, but we did decide that ‘Rose Jam’ was just taking it too far. Although I am tempted to try it.
Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel & lotion; The Body Shop.
Wild Rose lip balm; Cath Kidston.

Discuss: Easy Eyelash Fix?!

Kiss is a beauty product company whose products can be found in stores in America and Europe.

So what is there to discuss? Well they have recently released their ‘Ever Easy Lashes with String‘ in the UK (they’ve been out in the US since February)wait, false lashes with strings?!

The strings act as an applicator, making it easier to get them in the right position. Once you have applied the lashes and they’re stuck in place you can simply pull out the string – remember to hold onto the lashes though. 
It seems like a good idea for those who find false lash application difficult, or for beginners who might find it awkward. Even though I’m used to applying lashes and don’t find it difficult, I still really want to try these out. It looks so simple and quick! What do you think? 

Discuss; Can Gaga be Gal?

In the August issue of Ageha, models Sakurina & Megu Fujigamori were transformed into ‘gal versions’ of Twiggy & Lady Gaga (which some of you may have seen on my tumblr). Alongside these were tutorials on how to re-create the look
I love it when Ageha does these, although they usually choose Japanese celebrities or fictional characters, so I thought this was a great topic for a discussion post

So what do you think? Can you gal-ise (new term?! haha) iconic people such as Twiggy and Gaga, and do you think these are the kind of looks you would want to do yourselves

Honestly in my opinion, it all seems like a bit of fun, but whichever way you look at it you gotta admit that both gals are lookin’ mighty fierce

Discuss: Gal influence in ASOS?!

ASOS featured an editorial with nail art by Sophy Robson in this months magazine. The most interesting design which I wanted to start a discussion about were these…

All-out Gaga and influenced by steam punk and Japanese Gyaru…」
It’s definitely interesting to see gal mentioned in mainstream fashion editorials, and of course we all know that nail art is a big part of gal. Maybe she enjoys the 3d aspects of gal nails – check out the cute, diamante bow – or maybe it was the ‘stiletto-point shape’?!
My question though is do YOU see the gal influence? 

Source; 1

Poll time…

I’ve got a small poll for you guys! Nothing too bothersome, I’d just like to get an idea of what you’d like to see more of

What kind of posts do you want to see more of?
Photo diary

If you choose ‘Other‘ then please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Thank you!!

Japan Post; Picture requests~

In the two previous Japan picture posts I brought you; ‘sweets‘ and ‘a day trip to Kamakura‘. However I realised that maybe the topics were too specific and maybe I was being greedy picking them?! So what I want to know is…
Yep, I am asking you to request pictures of what you would like to see in Tokyo. This way I can bring you photos of exactly what you want. So what can you request?!
Anything from UFO catcher goodies to traditional Japan, or maybe you want to see some of the scenery in Tokyo?! Just leave a comment requesting what you would like to see and I will try my best to capture it.
Ask away and remember, it can be whatever you want, as long as it isn’t something like ‘a picture of a host’s underwear’ because I could get into trouble for that haha