Wish List: John Lewis Winter Luxe Edit

John Lewis Wishlist
John Lewis carries pretty much all of my favourite brands.
Mulberry, check. Avène, check. Whistles, check. Kurt Geiger, check.
The list goes on and on, but I won’t bore you with that right now…promise.
Instead I’m sharing some of my favourite pieces with you, in a special Winter wishlist.
That way all you have to do is look at pretty things and click on a link, if you want them that is.
John Lewish recently released ‘The Winter Luxe Edit’.
What’s that? Well it’s basically their own wish fashion list.
They’ve chosen some of their best brands, designers and pieces on offer for Winter.
It’s all very cosy, glamorous, and also a little bit sexy – I’m looking at you Alice Temperley.
I choose the Somerset by Alice Temperley Oversized Cashmere Jumper as the focus of my wishlist.
I really enjoy building outfits around one key item, and thereby creating something amazing.
Of course I couldn’t resist adding a few pieces of Mulberry to the list, you have to, don’t you?
My new dream bag is the Mulberry Suffolk. I’d like to say a girl can dream, but, well, you know.
Matching my accessories and boots to the bag might seem a little over the top, but I love a focus point.
All in all I think this is a pretty amazing wish list for Winter – if only I could wait for Christmas!
Why not browse the John Lewis website and create your own wishlist?
You can view the prices and where to buy all of these items here.
This post is in collaboration with John Lewis but all views, photos and words are my own.

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Wish List: Happy Halloween

Halloween Wishlist

My Halloween Inspired Wishlist

Today may be Halloween but I intend to keep the spirit alive for as long as possible.
That’s why I did my first wish list in a very long time, and it’s Halloween inspired!
I’ve included pieces from some of my favourite stores, brands and designers:
Stay spooky everyone!

If you’d like to find out where you can buy the items above, they are all listed here.
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OOTD: Style It Like You Mean It

Maxi Dress – Gal Fit, Japan | Shirt – Internacionale | Bag* – Oasap | Necklace* – Oasap

First off I would like to apologise for the poor quality of these photos. I almost cried seeing the difference between these taken on my iPhone and ones taken on my camera. Unfortunately my camera broke at the weekend, due to a fault that apparently occurs in the Olympus E-PL1. It’s been a trusty camera but I’m sad to see it go, especially as it’s a stupid problem with the camera. Anyway, I’ll be using my iPhone in the meantime as I’ll need to save for a new camera.
I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo of today’s outfit, so here is the next best thing. I know this is laid out more like a style post, but I think you can all see where I’m coming from. I found my maxi dress from Japan recently – the only one I’ve ever found for my height – amazing. The cross detail on the back of this dress was also a big reason why I bought it, it’s simple but chic. I also found this shirt I bought around a year or so ago from Internacionale and wore once, if that. Sometimes it’s quite satisfying to get some use out of old items you haven’t seen for a while. The bag and necklace are new items from Oasap though, so I’m mixing old with new.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

Style Inspiration: Kiko Mizuhara

American-Korean Model Kiko Mizuhara

My current style inspiration comes from the gorgeous Kiko Mizuhara.
I adore her playful, fun take on fashion and how she works that into her own personal style.
Her mix of edgy, masculine and feminine into her looks really calls out to me and my own style.
She works primarily in Japan, therefore her style is influenced by the culture.
However she also wears and works with European brands.
It’s this mixture that I can relate to.
Not only is my style influenced by Kiko though – I also love the simplicity of her day-to-day make-up looks.
She’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t need make-up but when she does wear it, it’s complimentary to her style.
I should also add that my recent change in hairstyle may have ever so slightly been influenced by Kiko.
These photos were taken from Kiko’s Instagram.

Review: New Style Boutique for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS XL & New Style Boutique Game*
I know it’s not my usual kind of post, but I love playing games almost as much as I love beauty/fashion.
My usual kind of game play involves Resident Evil, GTA or games of the like, not usually fashion related ones.
So when I was contacted and sent a Nintendo 3DS XL and the New Style Boutique game about a month ago, I was very excited to try out a game aimed more at the interests I chat about on here.
What is New Style Boutique?
You start the game as an assistant at a boutique in your town.
Gradually you work your way up as a stylist and eventually the owner of your own boutique.
Working in the boutique means that you get to style your customers, from head to toe – men & women!
There are over 12,000 items of clothing and accessories to choose from, including handbags etc.
You also get the chance to enter stylist competitions and have your look go down the catwalk.
Exciting extras include; a hair salon where you can change your hair style & colour, a beauty salon where you can buy make-up for your character, the ability to decorate your apartment and of course, shopping for clothing for your boutique!
What did I think?
As I said before I don’t play fashion related games so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Style Boutique.
In fact I really really enjoyed playing the game and with so much going on I wasn’t bored at all, and I actually ended up playing the game on my morning/evening commutes to work, as well as during my lunch breaks. There wasn’t much I disliked about the game, apart from maybe the overused dialogue – but I wasn’t expecting Shakespeare, so I can’t complain. My favourite attributes of the game were entering the style competitions and shopping for clothing, for my boutique. If you’re not a fan of gaming but love fashion then maybe this is the perfect starter for you! It’s not an overly complicated game, but it’s in-depth enough that you’ll enjoy the game play. And if you’re like me, a gamer who usually stays away from this genre? I think that if you love fashion then you will love this game.

Trend: Shine Bright

S/S 2013 Trend – Shine
It’s a trend post – long time no see!
As London Fashion Week started yesterday it only seemed natural.
I feel like doing more trend posts lately, so I thought I’d start with one of my faves.
The catwalk saw models shine as they went down the runway this season.
Thankfully that’s going to translate to the high street too, so we can all stand out!
That means we’re going to see lots of iridescent & holographic fabrics, as well as foils, glitter & precious-metals.
This trend hasn’t made as big a splash on the high street as I had hoped, but it’s there!
It can be worked into most styles and whether you go all out, or add accents, you’ll shine.
My favourite example on the high street has to be H&M’s Iridescent High Tops, which I had been lusting after for a good month or more. They hit stores and went into the New Year Sale – lucky for those who knew that they would be perfect for one of this season’s big trends. I managed to grab mine for only £5 – I’ll be rocking them soon!
Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Versace paved the way.
If you want to recreate the trend on the high street stores such as ASOS, Urban Outfitters, H&M are representing.


My Tatty Devine Collection

My Tatty Devine Collection of Necklaces

Tatty Devine is an amazing British jewellery brand that I often feature on the blog.
By now you’ve probably heard me gush about how I’ve been a fan of around 10 years, quite a few times.
For me, Tatty Devine never gets old, and that’s why I’ve been expanding my collection as of late.
For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive 3 necklaces from friends and family.
The lovely Randa & Dodo bought me the Crown Mini Necklace, which paired perfectly with the Gem Crown Necklace that my grandparents bought me for my birthday. I can’t wait to layer the two together! I also received the Leopard Head Mini Necklace from the fiancé’s family for my birthday, who actually bought it all the way back in December.
The German Cookie Necklace was a gift from the fiancé at Christmas, as I love the tradition of German cookies.
My most adored piece though has to be my Frida Necklace, as she’s probably the closest thing I have to an idol.
An amazing powerful woman immortalised by Tatty Devine, run by two amazing powerful women – love it!
It also pairs with my Sugar Skull Necklace, which I made at the workshop I went to – such an amazing experience!
I also have to mention the customer service at Tatty Devine!
If you read my Twitter you will know that customer service is a big deal to me.
TD never let me down, and recently the lovely Laura (always a pleasure to chat to) tracked down the last Crown Necklace in the company for me! That meant a lot to me, especially as it was part of the present from my grandparents. 
So thank you so much TD for making awesomely pretty things, and giving wonderful service!
What’s Next? I have my eyes set on a custom name necklace!