Style Inspiration: Alisa Ueno

Fashion producer, Model and DJ Alisa Ueno
I love Alisa’s style because it’s a mixture of styles and I respect that.
Alisa Ueno is a lady of many talents, with a classy, fun personal style to match.
My own style is not one thing or another, and I love mixing brands and looks.
Alisa wears a lot of Fig & Viper, the brand she is currently the producer for.
F&V is the first Japanese brand in a long time that has made me miss shopping in Tokyo.
Thankfully the brands current look is reminiscent of London street style, so it’s easily imitable. 
Alisa loves to share her personal style through various social networks (see source).
You can find me reblogging Alisa’s looks on Tumblr, or liking her photos on Instagram: @bloomzy
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A Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishlist



Long sleeve velvet dress, $62 / Velvet skirt / Topshop , $48 / Studded ballet flat, $35 / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote bag, $270 / 
Christmas is coming, and you know what that means.
Yep, it’s time for another ‘Christmas Wishlist’ post, sorry guys.
I wasn’t actually thinking of doing one this year but then a friend and the fiancé specifically asked for one, so…I guess you could say that I’m leaning more towards accessories and clothing right now.
There’s the odd bit of homeware thrown in but what surprised me most was the lack of beauty products.
Honestly I couldn’t think of anything beauty related that I REALLY wanted, so I just didn’t bother with it.
Right now I’m just after lots of velvet clothing (and shoes!) and some amazing accents to go with.

The usual offenders are there: Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Regal Rose and Tatty Devine.
I know the MK bag is a bit of a long shot, but hey this is a wish list, and a girl’s allowed to dream.

Street Style Inspiration

Natalia Kills, Daphne Groeneveld & Cara Delevigne

Three fabulously feisty and strong females who also happen to have amazing personal styles.
My own person style is a variety of looks, and I think this inspiration post shows that.
I don’t want to write much as I think the photos speak for themselves, but these lovely ladies have all been inspiring my own personal ‘street style’ recently and I think you may see that reflected in future OOTD posts.
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Style: Staying Stylish & Cozy

(Sweater: Oasap*, Leggings: Oasap*, Shoes: Primark, Bag: Topshop, Necklace: Wavy Jewellery)

This Winter I’ve rediscovered my love for big chunky sweaters.
I feel the cold easily so I’m constantly trying to stay warm but stylish when choosing an outfit.
It isn’t always so easy, but luckily there are plenty of cozy sweaters out there this season to help.
The bat-wing sweater above is from Oasap and has an irregular hem, which makes it stand out from regular sweaters. I wouldn’t usually pair a sweater and leggings but luckily due to the irregular hem and length it means it’s longer at the back and I don’t have to worry about showing off my bottom in leggings (a style peeve of mine). The leggings are mixed material (faux leather front & fabric back), which creates a contrast and tricks the eye into making your legs appear skinnier – always a plus! When I wore the two together I chose to pair the them with a simple leather bag and some studded slipper shoes to keep the comfy vibe going.
I wore this out at the weekend and I am in love with the feel of this sweater, it is so soft and cozy.
I often find that a lot of sweaters made with this material make me itch, but this wasn’t the case here.
I managed to stay warm but also felt quite stylish, in an understated way – let’s hope onlookers felt the same.
Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

Style: Playing with Fashion

(Top: Oasap*, High Waisted Shorts: eBay, Creepers: Oasap* Hat: Topshop)

(Top: Oasap*, Skirt: H&M, Wedges: Internacionale, Handbag: Off Brand)

Recently I received a couple of new tops and straight away I started thinking about how to coordinate them.
I love seeing a selection of items laid out to create an outfit, so I though I might try and give it a go myself.
I decided to create 2 very simple but fashionable looks – one is more of a rock look, the other more feminine.
Look #1
Lately I love pairing baggy stylish t-shirts with my rugged vintage high waist shorts.
I decided to go for a fashionably grunge (in the loosest sense) look, using my creepers and mini roller hat. 
This just seems like a very casual and easy look to re-create, but still individual and memorable.
I’d accessorise with: a chunky gold chain and plenty of rings!
Look #2
I love monochrome looks, so this was my inspiration for this outfit.
Keeping in with this seasons leather trend, I paired a simple silk top with a pleated faux leather skirt.
To top it off I picked my favourite wedges and a white & gold quilted handbag; cute and feminine.
I’d accessorise with: a delicate necklace & bracelet, and big earrings!
I could easily have seen myself wearing either of these outfits to London fashion week.
Would they have garnered attention? I don’t know, but I do know that I’d have felt fabulous!

Don’t forget to visit Oasap and use discount code: ‘bloomzy’ for 35% off!

Style: 1 Skirt 4 Ways

Click image to enlarge
As soon as I pick up a potential clothing purchase I automatically start contemplating outfits.
A few days ago I bought a new waterfall skirt (it sounds dreamier than dip-hem), and that’s what I did.
It’s no wonder I’m such a fan of things like Polyvore and putting together coordinates in photoshop.
Therefore today’s post is a little bit of fun for me and hopefully helpful to a few people also.
I put together 4 separate outfits, all using the same skirt as the central piece.
My style varies a lot between trends and fashion ‘labels’ and I think that’s reflected here.
I managed to add a few Baroque pieces, and the outfits range from casual to slightly more formal.
I also wanted to think a little bit about accessories, make-up and nails – as I know I dress those to match.
I think the outfits themselves though are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t ramble on too much.
The skirt featured is from Topshop, and the items included are from various other High Street stores.
Please comment if you’d like to know where any of the items are from.
‘1 ___ 4 Ways’ is something I’d like to continue with.
Would you guys like to see more of this kind of post?

Wishlist: Beauty Edition

Beauty Wishlist

I don’t often do beauty item wishlists, probably because I just tend to buy the item I want.
Lately though there have been quite a few items I want to grab so I thought I would make one.
I guess this is also kind of a reminder for me, as I always forget what I’ve gone out to buy/look for.
What’s on my wishlist? 
I didn’t think my list would come to much £, but after writing it all up well…
The sleep balm, lip plumping gloss (had before & loved it), stylefile, Essie polish and the perfume (running out) are all musts. The other items I guess are just ‘wants’, not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m still a bit dubious about the Maybellie ‘Popsticks’ though. I’m not a fan of the idea and the texture of the lipstick, but when I swatched the pigment was lovely. However I’ve seen some not so nice reviews on these so we’ll see.
I’m gonna hunt some of these down whilst I’m in London!