Review: New Style Boutique for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS XL & New Style Boutique Game*
I know it’s not my usual kind of post, but I love playing games almost as much as I love beauty/fashion.
My usual kind of game play involves Resident Evil, GTA or games of the like, not usually fashion related ones.
So when I was contacted and sent a Nintendo 3DS XL and the New Style Boutique game about a month ago, I was very excited to try out a game aimed more at the interests I chat about on here.
What is New Style Boutique?
You start the game as an assistant at a boutique in your town.
Gradually you work your way up as a stylist and eventually the owner of your own boutique.
Working in the boutique means that you get to style your customers, from head to toe – men & women!
There are over 12,000 items of clothing and accessories to choose from, including handbags etc.
You also get the chance to enter stylist competitions and have your look go down the catwalk.
Exciting extras include; a hair salon where you can change your hair style & colour, a beauty salon where you can buy make-up for your character, the ability to decorate your apartment and of course, shopping for clothing for your boutique!
What did I think?
As I said before I don’t play fashion related games so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Style Boutique.
In fact I really really enjoyed playing the game and with so much going on I wasn’t bored at all, and I actually ended up playing the game on my morning/evening commutes to work, as well as during my lunch breaks. There wasn’t much I disliked about the game, apart from maybe the overused dialogue – but I wasn’t expecting Shakespeare, so I can’t complain. My favourite attributes of the game were entering the style competitions and shopping for clothing, for my boutique. If you’re not a fan of gaming but love fashion then maybe this is the perfect starter for you! It’s not an overly complicated game, but it’s in-depth enough that you’ll enjoy the game play. And if you’re like me, a gamer who usually stays away from this genre? I think that if you love fashion then you will love this game.