My Tatty Devine Collection

My Tatty Devine Collection of Necklaces

Tatty Devine is an amazing British jewellery brand that I often feature on the blog.
By now you’ve probably heard me gush about how I’ve been a fan of around 10 years, quite a few times.
For me, Tatty Devine never gets old, and that’s why I’ve been expanding my collection as of late.
For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive 3 necklaces from friends and family.
The lovely Randa & Dodo bought me the Crown Mini Necklace, which paired perfectly with the Gem Crown Necklace that my grandparents bought me for my birthday. I can’t wait to layer the two together! I also received the Leopard Head Mini Necklace from the fiancé’s family for my birthday, who actually bought it all the way back in December.
The German Cookie Necklace was a gift from the fiancé at Christmas, as I love the tradition of German cookies.
My most adored piece though has to be my Frida Necklace, as she’s probably the closest thing I have to an idol.
An amazing powerful woman immortalised by Tatty Devine, run by two amazing powerful women – love it!
It also pairs with my Sugar Skull Necklace, which I made at the workshop I went to – such an amazing experience!
I also have to mention the customer service at Tatty Devine!
If you read my Twitter you will know that customer service is a big deal to me.
TD never let me down, and recently the lovely Laura (always a pleasure to chat to) tracked down the last Crown Necklace in the company for me! That meant a lot to me, especially as it was part of the present from my grandparents. 
So thank you so much TD for making awesomely pretty things, and giving wonderful service!
What’s Next? I have my eyes set on a custom name necklace!