New Year, New You…?


I’ve always found the concept of “new year, new you” interesting. In some ways it’s quite a grand, romantic gesture. The idea that you will become a better person and achieve all of your goals; like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. On the other hand it’s really rather silly to think that you can change as a person at the wave of a hand. I’m forever stuck on the fence, fighting my inner optimist and pessimist.

So for me it’s a mixture of both. I don’t intend to create a “new me” or anything like that. But I do like the idea of resolutions, as you may have noticed. So instead I like to make realistic resolutions. This year, much like last, the new year had me thinking about my blog. It’s such a big part of my life. I’ve had some amazing experiences, and made some truly wonderful friends thanks to it. Therefore it seems only natural that I should want to concentrate on this part of my life.

So what are my plans for Bloomzy in 2016?

Well I had a good long think (you may have seen me tweeting my thoughts), and I have come to a conclusion. This year I plan to only post quality photography and written content on the blog – no “posting for the sake of it”. Generally I am pretty good at this. However sometimes I do feel pressured to get posts out quicker etc, and it bugs me. This may all sound silly, and honestly I’m my own worst enemy. I’m quite a perfectionist when it comes to photography/my blog. So this kind of resolution will help inspire me to better myself and my skills. At the same time it will remind me that I write this blog for fun, and I shouldn’t worry so much about it.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of my readers, the brands I work with, and the friends and family who continue to support me. You all drive me to do my best, and without you, I don’t think this blog would be what it is today.

A Travel Resolution for 2016

amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-3Travel Highlights from 2015

Part of the reason I’m so excited about the New Year finally being here, is thanks to some pretty awesome moments in 2015. Last year I made a resolution to visit as many new countries (ones I had never been to before) as possible. Well I don’t think I did too bad; I visited Germany, The Netherlands and Italy. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had, and it has spurred me on to work even harder in 2016.

I will be returning to Japan in March. It’s been almost five years since I was there last, so naturally I am already planning all of the things I want to see/do. Of course I intend to reunite with all of my friends. I also hope to eat ALL of the delicious food, and take plenty of photos. My inner photography geek is pretty excited about this, because when I was living in Tokyo I only took snapshots on my mobile phone/digital camera. Oh hey there, my name is: the annoying tourist in the corner with the DSLR.

I’d also like to take more long weekends away from London, and discover more European countries I’ve yet to visit. On my travel wish list this year? Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. I wonder if I can best 2015 and manage to do those alongside Japan… I’ll certainly try my best.

You can check out my 2015 travel posts here.
Send me your travel recommendations in the comments below.

cotton-cake-amsterdam-travel-diary-foodcotton-cake-amsterdam-travel-diary-cafe the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diary-2 the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diaryfermo-marche-italy-travel-seewhatyouweartour-formula-shoesitaly-travel-diary-marche-fermo-food-Coba-Beach-Restaurant

Blogs I’ll Still Be Reading in 2016

in-the-window-interior-design-2Old photo is old…but relevant

Looking back at my ‘Blogs I’ll Still Be Reading in 2015‘ I’m pretty darn proud of myself. My predications were spot on. Actually what I should be saying is, well done to my favourite bloggers for all the awesome content they brought out during 2015. Well I don’t expect next year to be much different, but my reading preferences have altered slightly; some of my old favourites are still in there, but there’s some new additions too.

Blogs I’ll Still Be Reading in 2016

  • Park and Cube – Inspirational photography and awesome lifestyle posts.
  • Joe Allam – Full of interesting content for lovers of photography.
  • The Bearded Bakery – Mike always posts the best recipes…and he uses a lot of matcha!
  • Worship Blues – Meaningful words and photos. A blog with a lot of soul.
  • Vasilieva – An image heavy blog, with a hauntingly beautiful photography style.
  • I Heart Alice – I love Alice’s photos, her style, and her personality. This lovely lady is a triple threat!
  • Chopstickpanorama – I had to include VA! She continues to help drive me to do my best. And I just love her photos!
  • Style and Wellbeing – It can be difficult to find a blog that fits your style exactly, but I fell in love as soon as I set eyes upon Brittany’s blog.


I hope to continue discovering more amazing blogs in 2016. Feel free to leave your own, or your favourite blogs in the comments below.


Christmas Day | Photo Diary

christmas-7Christmas Day in Wales

Christmas Day, for me, has always been a family affair. From the beginning of December I look forward to spending a relaxing day, chatting and eating with all of my family members. This year I spent it in Wales, with my “in-laws”My day started with a light breakfast and coffee, whilst others slaved away in the kitchen (much appreciated) preparing a Christmas feast. Trust me, you don’t want me anywhere near your Christmas dinner. Unless you count eating it, because I can do a pretty good job of that.

I think this time of year allows us all to be a slightly more eccentric version of ourselves (read: show our true colours). And that’s great! I mean, when else would it be acceptable to start drinking champagne at 11am? It’s also readily accepted that you will gorge yourself silly, on food you simply refuse to eat any other time of the year. Again, I’m all for this. I actually love brussel sprouts and stuffing. I’ll pass on the Christmas pudding though. However, dowsing it in brandy and setting it a flame does make for a good photo.

I really just love the feeling and general joyfulness during this holiday. I’m very lucky to have some wonderful family and friends. And whereas I do appreciate them all year round, it is nice to spread a little extra love. After all, tis the season.

christmas-4 christmas-1 christmas-3 christmas-6 christmas-2christmas-5

Berlin Travel Diary | The Barn


The Barn | Schönhauser Allee 8, 10119 Berlin, Germany | Website

Coffee. Until recently I was unable to drink this beverage of the Gods. Still, my love for it was unwavering. However it was working in an office at a computer all day that finally made it a necessity. So after a year back on the stuff (my favourite is Caravan’s at Brooklyn Coffee), I have become a bit of a fangirl. London has an amazing array of cafes and coffee shops, so I was eager to see what Berlin had to offer me. V.A is not a coffee fan however, so it took a breakfast meeting with Herz und Blut (who suggested the venue) to finally visit a “proper” coffee shop – The Barn.

As soon as I stepped in to The Barn, I knew I was back where I belonged. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans filled the store, and sacks of the brown gold were littered everywhere. Odd contraptions were stacked along the counter, whilst two smiling faces greeted us from behind it. There was plenty of space so we grabbed a window seat whilst contemplating the menu. I went for an espresso, and a croissant. Whether it’s food or drink, I think starting with the basics is a good way of finding out how skilled someone is. Now even though I can tell good coffee from bad, and burnt from finely roasted, I can’t easily spot the finer notes. However with The Barn’s coffee I was able to taste each fruity, sweet note. It paired perfectly with my fresh, buttery croissant. I tried to drag it out for as long as possible. This was one espresso I didn’t want to throw down my throat. But ultimately I finished it. However I knew I couldn’t give up the opportunity to also try their espresso with milk. Slightly sweeter, this one went down easily too. At around €3 a cup, this coffee is every bit as good it’s London counterparts, if not better…and a lot cheaper! If you ever in Berlin, this is one coffee break you can’t miss!

Since returning from Berlin I have spotted several of my favourite London coffee shops stocking The Barn’s beans. It seems that I am not the only Brit to have discovered how awesome this German roaster is. You can purchase The Barn’s coffee beans online here, in-store at Craft Coffee, London and Bean and Bud, Harrogate.

If you want to know what a non-coffee lover thought of The Barn, check you V.A’s post here.

the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diary-2 the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diary-1 the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diary-3 the-barn-berlin-coffee-shop-travel-diary

A London Life… on Foot

london-life-bloomzy-architecture-kings-college Southwark | Nearest Tube: London Bridge

Walking is one of the few forms of exercise I can get behind. In fact I walk a lot! London may be big, but it’s pretty easy to walk between tube stops, or around a specific area. Of course it helps when the city you live in is so beautiful. Yes, I genuinely mean that. London is a wonderful mixture of old meets new – history and culture seep from it’s streets. Speaking of, the streets are incredibly inspiring in London, especially for a budding photographer such as myself. I often find myself stopping to take a photo or two. The architecture is like nothing else in Europe. Paris may have it’s charms, but I could walk for hours and only snap shots of London’s buildings.

Of course the people are just as interesting. That’s why whenever I walk I always make sure I have a companion. Lately it’s been V.A. After taking her on a tour of Dalston/Stoke Newington, she returned the favour and showed me around Southwark. It’s very different to my part of town – East. It’s more polished (in parts), but that doesn’t make it any less compelling.

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london-life-bloomzy-architecture-the-shard-borough-market london-life-bloomzy-architecture-the-design-museumlondon-life-bloomzy-architecture-bermondsey-white-cube london-life-bloomzy-architecture-bermondsey-white-cube-2 london-life-bloomzy-architecture-bermondsey-white-cube-1

A London Life… at The Canary Wharf Sky Garden

canary-wharf-sky-garden-a-london-life-bloomzy-3 canary-wharf-sky-garden-a-london-life-bloomzy-4 canary-wharf-sky-garden-a-london-life-bloomzy-1canary-wharf-sky-garden-a-london-life-bloomzy-5 canary-wharf-sky-garden-a-london-life-bloomzy-2

The Canary Wharf Sky Garden | Crossrail Place | Nearest Tube: Canary Wharf

Finding tranquility in London is a lot easier than some might think. Although I’m sure most of you would scoff at me if I said you could find it smack bang in the middle of Canary Wharf. An area known for it’s skyscrapers is the last place you’d expect to find a bounty of greenery. However a few weeks ago I made it my mission to find this hidden gem.

With V.A in tow, we battled the crowds of shoppers and made it out to the new Crossrail Place complex. It was eerily quiet outside amongst the skyscrapers, and I half thought we’d taken the wrong exit. However we soon realised we were in the right place, and so we crossed the bridge and rode the escalators to the heavens. Heavens is maybe a slight exaggeration here as the sky garden isn’t particularly high, although it does offer a lovely view over London. However what I enjoyed most was how serene the garden was. Everything has been carefully landscaped, and laid out alongside spacious paths. As we weaved in and out of the tropical plants, it was easy to forget that we were still in London.

Unfortunately the garden doesn’t go on forever, but there’s plenty to see (and Instagram). The variety of plants on display is amazing, and the contemporary architecture is astonishing – just look at that roof! I’m a big architecture/plant geek and I have to say, this is now one of my favourite spots in London. I could easily find myself relaxing here for the afternoon with a book, or sharing a coffee with some friends.

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