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Coffee. Until recently I was unable to drink this beverage of the Gods. Still, my love for it was unwavering. However it was working in an office at a computer all day that finally made it a necessity. So after a year back on the stuff (my favourite is Caravan’s at Brooklyn Coffee), I have become a bit of a fangirl. London has an amazing array of cafes and coffee shops, so I was eager to see what Berlin had to offer me. V.A is not a coffee fan however, so it took a breakfast meeting with Herz und Blut (who suggested the venue) to finally visit a “proper” coffee shop – The Barn.

As soon as I stepped in to The Barn, I knew I was back where I belonged. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans filled the store, and sacks of the brown gold were littered everywhere. Odd contraptions were stacked along the counter, whilst two smiling faces greeted us from behind it. There was plenty of space so we grabbed a window seat whilst contemplating the menu. I went for an espresso, and a croissant. Whether it’s food or drink, I think starting with the basics is a good way of finding out how skilled someone is. Now even though I can tell good coffee from bad, and burnt from finely roasted, I can’t easily spot the finer notes. However with The Barn’s coffee I was able to taste each fruity, sweet note. It paired perfectly with my fresh, buttery croissant. I tried to drag it out for as long as possible. This was one espresso I didn’t want to throw down my throat. But ultimately I finished it. However I knew I couldn’t give up the opportunity to also try their espresso with milk. Slightly sweeter, this one went down easily too. At around €3 a cup, this coffee is every bit as good it’s London counterparts, if not better…and a lot cheaper! If you ever in Berlin, this is one coffee break you can’t miss!

Since returning from Berlin I have spotted several of my favourite London coffee shops stocking The Barn’s beans. It seems that I am not the only Brit to have discovered how awesome this German roaster is. You can purchase The Barn’s coffee beans online here, in-store at Craft Coffee, London and Bean and Bud, Harrogate.

If you want to know what a non-coffee lover thought of The Barn, check you V.A’s post here.

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