Photo Diary: Boots, Bites & Business

What have I been up to lately?

Well my internship with Finchittida Finch is going great!
We’re getting down to the final hours of a very exciting, and big, order.
Of course I still had time to pamper myself and do my nails in some Spring pastel shades.
In the meantime my good friend Anna returned from Norway with treats!
She brought me back some speciality cheese, and a gorgeous neon glitzy necklace.
We made plans to grab some food and catch-up, so we went to a great Turkish restaurant in Islington.
I wore my new boots (spent with my birthday gift card from Sami), which are so cute and comfy.
I also joined Vine this week! You can follow me on: bloomzy
My new business cards for the blog arrived too, featuring my Tatty Devine name necklace.
Then finally this past weekend I popped down to Shoreditch to do a bit of shopping.
I bought a Uniqlo x Keith Haring t-shirt that called to me as soon as I stepped into the pop-up.
I also indulged in some okonomiyaki along Brick Lane – the place for street food!
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Photo Diary: Burgers, Bleach & Bling

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The last couple of weeks before my holiday have been busy, busy, busy.
I’ve been working a lot and enjoying my internship at Finchittida Finch.
Of course I’ve also managed to pack in a few fun things.
I’ve been meeting old friends and treating them to the delights of London.
I made a stop to Bleach, to be a hair model, where I had the red in my hair re-done brighter.
Tatty Devine held a workshop and I tagged along, and I made a neon ombre elephant necklace.
The odd bottle of wine, hot chocolate and burger helped to keep me going.
I finally received my Tatty Devine name necklace, which I’m utterly in love with.
I also attended the Benefit Fake Up event in Spitalfields, and met some lovely fellow bloggers.
After trying to cut back on spending I caved and bought a cute iridescent phone clutch from Primark.
I got to enjoy cuddles from a cute sausage dog at my internship this week; distracting but adorable.
At the end of the week I was sent some Manuka Doctor goodies, which I can’t wait to try out!
Finally, I’m off on holiday!
I’ll be skiing it up in Chamonix, France until next weekend.
Have a lovely Easter everyone!

Photo Diary: Neon, Nails… & Cake

Last week I caught the nasty stomach bug that’s been going around.
So when the weekend came I was pretty excited to go out and enjoy myself.
I didn’t go too crazy as I was still feeling a bit gross, but I did indulge a little bit.
I stopped by both Fika and Kahaila, two amazing foodie gems right on Brick Lane.
I also popped up to Tatty Devine to order my first name necklace.
I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show you all!
As for loves right now, I’ve hopped on the neon bandwagon.
It’s bright, it makes me happy, and I’ve covered myself in it.
I’ve even added a few neon pieces to my home decor.
I also did a bit of nail art last week, which I’ll be posting tutorials for soon.
Unfortunately that lead to me organising my nail polish collection, something I’ve needed to do for a while. 
It meant saying goodbye to old polishes, but also welcoming new ones that had started popping up on my dresser.
The polishes have been reproducing by themselves, honest.
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Check Out: China Doll Boutique @ Box Park

China Doll Boutique, Box Park, Shoreditch
This weekend was pretty eventful, and all kinds of wonderful.
Firstly I got to eat lots of delicious treats, and secondly I got to meet some lovely ladies.
You’ll be seeing more on both those things later, but for now I’m going to chat about the first lovely lady I met this past weekend – Nhuc Tran of China Doll Boutique
I’ve followed Nhuc on Twitter for a while and I’m a big fan of CDB.
She is always so sweet and really knows how to represent her brand..which is also wonderful!
The amount of times I’ve been on the China Doll Boutique website and had to stop myself…
I don’t really ‘do’ clothes shopping online unless I’ve been able to try an item on in-store – I’m too fussy.
So when I heard that Nhuc was going to be opening a pop-up at Box Park I rushed down! 

Photo stolen from @chinadollboutique instagram

The lovely lady herself is just as sweet in person as her online persona.
I was so happy to be able to finally meet her, and browse (and try on!) her items.
It’s safe to say that it is a store where you can find an outfit for any occasion.
There were plenty of items to match my variety of tastes, which is impressive!
Nhuc was incredibly kind showing me around her store and even gifted me a little present.
I can’t wait to visit again, and spend all my hard earned money!
Check out China Doll Boutique’s Spring Collection online here.
Or pop in and see the goods for yourself, at Box Park.

Photo Diary: Celebrating in Style

Photo Diary Catch-up – Celebrating in Style
I’ve been accessorising like crazy lately!
That’s all thanks to the lovely people who bought me these lovely presents.
The neon accent leather cuff (Whistles) is from my parents and the studded bracelets (Zara) from a friend.
My Tatty Devine crowns look amazing layered, thank you to Dodo & Randa, as well as my grandparents!
I’ve also been nibbling on treats from Japan.
Zak bought me some leopard print chocolate & banana sponge cakes.
You can purchase them in the Tokyo Sky Tree – Tokyo’s latest tourist attraction.
Of course I have to nibble whilst having perfectly manicured hands – I used Mavala polish & glitter.
For my birthday I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum.
We had a look around and had lunch in the amazing food hall.
The same friend who bought me the bracelets also bought me macarons.
They were gone in only a couple of days – and that was after holding myself back!
I also took my parents to The Breakfast Club, who haven’t stopped going on about it since.
Finally, a big thank you to Nintendo who sent me a Nintendo 3DS XL and a copy of the new Style Boutique game.
Expect a review soon, because I can’t get enough of it!!

Photo Diary: New Years Eve Celebrations 2012

Food and fun on New Years Eve
I saw 2012 out in a Michelin Star restaurant in Wales, with my fiancé, friends and family.
It was lovely to have a small getaway to the countryside, somewhere I always feel I can relax.
I wore my Pussycat London dress and accessorised with a Tatty Devine necklace, rings from Whistles, Swarovski and Beaverbrooks, as well as a 1930s vintage bag from India – a Christmas present from the fiancé’s family.
I also matched my nails to my accessories with some red polish and glitter.
Of course being a foodie meant that I was also rather excited to spend my NYE in an amazing restaurant.
We have been several times to the French restaurant, and the food never disappoints. 

Our menu on New Years Eve consisted of 7 courses:
Kir Royale & Canapés
Soufflé Suisse with apple & almond salad
Seared scallop with crab cannelloni, sauce vierge & Jerusalem artichoke puree
Fillet of Celtic Pride beef wellington, pomme fondant, celeriac puree & red win jus
Selection of desserts
Selection of French & Welsh cheeses
Coffee & Petit fours
– – –
We finished around 11:50pm, when we then left to head outside to the town square.
I said hello to 2013 with over a hundred people, holding hands in a circle.
Of course I also had a quick kiss with the fiancé too.
How did you spend your New Years Eve?

Photo Diary: Life in London

Recent snaps from my Instagram – @bloomzy

I have now been living in London for just over a month.
It’s been wonderful and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to share more with you.
I’ve missed doing lifestyle posts and a few of you mentioned you missed them too, so here’s two in a row!
The reason why I have been so busy is because I found a job a few weeks ago so I’ve been working.
Apart from work, I’ve also been indulging in some tasty food, as yesterday’s post proves.
My BFF Jemi visited and we had a bit of retail therapy as well as a good catch-up – miss you already!
I’ve also been indulging in tasty clothes too, such as a new pair of wedge sneakers and the Tatty Devine Frida Kahlo necklace that I had been lusting after for several months. Luckily my job allows me to wear all the fancy clothes I like! 
I don’t have as much free time as I would like now, but I still enjoy my job and the free time I get.
How do you relax and make the most of your free time?