Check Out: China Doll Boutique @ Box Park

China Doll Boutique, Box Park, Shoreditch
This weekend was pretty eventful, and all kinds of wonderful.
Firstly I got to eat lots of delicious treats, and secondly I got to meet some lovely ladies.
You’ll be seeing more on both those things later, but for now I’m going to chat about the first lovely lady I met this past weekend – Nhuc Tran of China Doll Boutique
I’ve followed Nhuc on Twitter for a while and I’m a big fan of CDB.
She is always so sweet and really knows how to represent her brand..which is also wonderful!
The amount of times I’ve been on the China Doll Boutique website and had to stop myself…
I don’t really ‘do’ clothes shopping online unless I’ve been able to try an item on in-store – I’m too fussy.
So when I heard that Nhuc was going to be opening a pop-up at Box Park I rushed down! 

Photo stolen from @chinadollboutique instagram

The lovely lady herself is just as sweet in person as her online persona.
I was so happy to be able to finally meet her, and browse (and try on!) her items.
It’s safe to say that it is a store where you can find an outfit for any occasion.
There were plenty of items to match my variety of tastes, which is impressive!
Nhuc was incredibly kind showing me around her store and even gifted me a little present.
I can’t wait to visit again, and spend all my hard earned money!
Check out China Doll Boutique’s Spring Collection online here.
Or pop in and see the goods for yourself, at Box Park.