Gift: Iconemesis Gemma Correll Cat iPhone Case

The amazingly wonderful people at Iconemesis sent me a surprise this week.
They knew I had been after the Gemma Correll Cat Print case for my iPhone, as I’d been gushing about it all over the internet. So when I received a surprise package from them, I couldn’t contain my excitement!
The case is superb quality, as was the Fifi Lapin case I bought from them.
It fits the iPhone 4 very well, and is also easy to remove – for those who might worry.
But it’s the print that I adore. The quality and colour is gorgeous, very true to the photo on the site.
You can purchase the case here, or check out their other cases here.
A cat party will surely lift anyones spirits, no?
Thank you so much Iconemesis!
I am beyond happy with this case!!
Iconemesis are hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Mon Rabu.
It’s open internationally, and ends on 10th April – click here to find out how to enter.

OOTD: Well kinda…

Lipstick: Chanel | Earrings: Topshop | Ring: Primark
I do apologise, but there won’t be an outfit of the day, today. I fell over in the road, on my way to lecture and I’ve hurt my leg and hip. My knee has also swollen up, so you can probably tell that I’m not really feeling at my best right now.
I did however take this photo of my make-up and jewellery this morning. I really love these earrings by Topshop and my favourite Rouge Coco lipstick, by Chanel. All topped off with an overly decadent ring from Primark.

Instagram Weekly 3

This week I’ve been working on the blog, and re-designing, as you probably noticed.
Last weekend was my birthday so I was treated to Krispy Kreme – junk food is good for you on your birthday, that’s a fact…promise…
I’ve been enjoying ‘Adventure Time’ as recommended to me by a bunch of people, but Katie was the one who really persuaded me to watch it. I shall never look back! 
Finally after relaxing in my fluffy slippers, I headed off for the weekend with the fiancé. Lots of silly photos of us and myself (all wrapped up, trying to avoid the snow) were taken on the train, including that last one.

Instagram Weekly 2

This week; plenty of eating…mainly homemade food, which I have been making myself. My love for cooking seems to have been rekindled early in the New Year. 
I finally began to unpack and place new items onto workspaces etc. 
The unpacking was short lived though as I headed off to a hotel & spa with the fiancé for the weekend; hot stone massages and rose scented baths – thanks again Alanna, for the bath salts!
I also received early birthday wishes in the form of an adorable birthday card from a family friend.

Instagram Weekly 1

I love how Eki updates once a week with photos from her Instagram.

I think it adds a new twist to the ‘photo diary‘ portion of blogs.
Therefore I decided to take a leaf out of her book, as I realised that not everyone has Instagram, nor do you all follow me on Twitter and sometimes I don’t even post my photos there.

This first post will be a catch-up of my favourite photos from previous weeks, then I shall continue with the weekly updates.

Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

I hope you will enjoy this new weekly feature.
Thank you for the inspiration Eki!