Photo Diary: Hot Dogs, Street Art, W♥C & Polaroids

Looking at these photos makes me so happy. I’ve been having so much fun lately, and I’m so glad to share it on here. I went home to Norwich for a couple of days to sort some stuff out and see family. Whilst I was there I really started to feel like it really was going to be Christmas soon. I brought out my Nuxe travel set and fell in love with practically every item inside of it. I also brought out an old polish that felt slightly seasonal and got tons of compliments. I’ve been experimenting with layering shirts & sweaters at work, thanks to the recently chilling weather. I also popped along to the launch of the Drop Dead Winter Collection in their Soho store. That meant I got to bring a plus-one so Laura and I finally got to meet up – love her! My friend in Japan sent me some of the new W♥C items that have just come out. It really took me back to my time living in Tokyo and made me miss everyone so much. This weekend I also took a walk around Shoreditch and caught up with Anna over cake and coffee. I’ve really sucked at keeping in touch with friends lately (due to work), so I’m trying to remedy it. Also food. There was lots of food. Always with the food.

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Photo Diary: Access All ASOS, junk food, Muji & more

As you can see I’ve keeping myself busy with pretty things…and yummy things.
I finally succumbed to Muji storage and bought some for my Tatty Devine collection.
I have to say I love it and I kind of want to cover my entire apartment in it and be super organised.
I was invited to apply for Access All ASOS recently and was accepted – hooray, and thank you ASOS!
It’s a pretty cool concept and I can’t wait to share more with you on here and on Twitter, Instagram etc.
I’ve been uploading my outfit looks more often too, including my personalised t-shirt from tshirtprinting.
I treated myself to a new accessory – some classy gold (amazing sound quality) headphones.
Not only have I been decorating my body (…with clothes) but I’ve been decorating my bed too!!
I couldn’t resist it when I saw that Primark had their pug duvet set back in stock, it’s too adorable.
Apart from that I’ve just been stuffing my face with giant pizzas and Halloween Krispy Kreme.
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5 Japanese Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

You may remember my previous ‘5 Fashion/Beauty Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following‘ post. Well I wanted to expand on that series and go back to the roots of this blog, and that means Japanese fashion. I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite Japanese fashion Instagram accounts where you can find amazing style inspiration.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @akimoto_kozue Model
Why? Akimoto’s Instagram is a small look into the life of one of Japan’s current ‘it’ models.

She takes you around Japan (and the world; she recently walked the runway at Paris & London’s fashion weeks) with her as she documents her busy schedule through photos. That doesn’t mean it’s all dull and boring though. She posts fun, silly photos, and often takes photos with her close friends, some of whom are other models and designers, such as Kiko Mizuhara & Jeremy Scott. She’s a gorgeous gal with a taste for life!


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @gold_erika Model/Fashionista
Why? If you love fashion and sexy selfies, Erika is your lady.

Her Instagram is full of selfies, outfit posts, parties and behind-the-scenes looks at any of the current photo shoots she is taking part in. She’s quite the socialite. Erika has a very subtle sexy look, which is something I quite envy. Her make-up and fashion is always on point…and I can’t get enough of that short sharp bob.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @mogatanpe Idol
Why? Purple is one of my favourite colours and it just so happens to be Mogami’s assigned colour.

That might seem a bit weird, but it’s actually because she is a part of the idol group – a pop group with 6 members (each assigned a colour) whose popularity has been rising as of late. Her Instagram is an insight into the life of a young, fun, fashionable woman. She isn’t like your usual Japanese idols, especially in her fashion sense. Her personal style is very cool and I love seeing her outfits.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @natsuumikunsan Model
Why? Natsumi is a real cutie, that much is obvious.

Her Instagram features pastel hair, silly outfit shots and photo shoot snaps where she looks like she may actually be part angel. Heavily photoshopped images aside, Natsumi is a popular model in the gyaru industry and is often taking part in shoots and shows, which she always shares on her Instagram. I live out my hair and nail dreams through her photos.


japanese fashion instagram

Who? @si_oux DJ/Model/Photographer/Designer
Why? Yep, si oux has and does it all.

She’s the designer behind the well-known tights and leggings brand Vive Vagina, and she also just so happens to be a dj, model and photographer in her spare time. Her daily unconventional outfit photo shoots in the corner of her roof terrace are a staple on her Instagram. I have to say she is a lady after my own heart – look at that red hair! It’s what drew me in to begin with and it features a lot in her photos, whether it’s at her current DJ set or a promo image for a brand. Definitely one for fans of alternative fashion.

Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
Let me know in the comments!

Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

OOTD: A Catch Up

Here’s another catch-up from my Instagram, for those who don’t follow me on there. I have been taking more outfits shots on there lately for various reasons and I wanted to share them. I’ve been trying my best to incorporate more colour into my outfits, as you all know I do love to wear black. I especially love monochrome, as you can spot in some of the photos, but hey, at least it’s not black on black. So you’ll spot a touch of colour here and there, whether it’s a full on dress or shirt, or maybe a scarf or pendant. It’s difficult getting myself out of such a bad habit but I think I’ve been doing pretty well as of late.
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5 Fashion/Beauty Instagrams You Should Be Following

Instagram is my go-to place for fashion & beauty inspiration on the go.
The hashtag feature makes it quick and easy to find anything and everything.
Even so, I prefer to find specific users I love and know I can go to again and again.
Lately I’ve found some amazing users who have really inspired me with their photos.
So I wanted to share some of them with you in the hope that you might find some new users too.
Who? @keikolynn Blogger/Designer
Where? Brooklyn, USA
Why?  Keiko’s Instagram is full of colour and fun. Every photo has it’s own life. Not only is she a gorgeous lady who loves to share her outfit and beauty looks, but she also posts beautiful photos of what she’s up to and where she’s at. It might seem a little cheesy but when I look at her photos I really feel as if I’m there with her. Her simple yet sophisticated beauty looks inspire me the most!
Who? @itokyome Designer
Where? Tokyo, Japan
Why? itokyome is such a sharp contrast to my previous inspo with 99% of their photos being in black & white. Still I love the raw style and feel of their photos. Each photo is like a mini piece of art that they’ve actually spent time working on before they upload it. They prove that style can be simple and strong.
Who? @lawrawr Blogger/Model
Where? London/Hong Kong
Why? Lawrawr is such a sweety and is very genuine in her personal style, nothing seems forced. Her love for travelling and fashion shines through with photos that make you wish you were there too, hanging out with her over a bowl of ramen etc. Her in-depth ootd shots always call out to me.
Who? @yaptus
Where? Manila/Brussels
Why? I’ve been following Yaptus on her blog for a few years now and whereas her personal style has changed quite a bit, her love and enthusiasm for fashion hasn’t. You all know I’m a sucker for black clothing and I tip my hat to Yaptus because this lady can style like there’s no tomorrow. Fans of more urban/alternative looks will love her too. 
Who? @m_o_m_o_e Shop Staff/Model/Blogger
Where? Tokyo, Japan
Why? Momo works for the Harajuku based store Avantgarde, so you know her Instagram is bound to be full of cool and wacky photos – and she doesn’t let you down. It’s colourful and she always puts up snaps of whatever fun adventure she’s currently on. Her style is unique and screams with personality – I kinda wanna be her friend.
Do you have some favourite Instagram users?
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Source: Please see the individual Instagram accounts listed above.

Photo Diary: OOTD Catch-up

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been having some fun with my outfits.
I was finally able to pop to my parent’s house and bring back my Summer wardrobe.
You know your country has a problem with weather when you store your seasonal clothing away.
Typically English whining aside, I loved being able to wear some dresses and show my legs off again.
I was also pretty ecstatic as I found my infamous ‘Purple Paris Trousers’ amongst my Summer clothes.
I love them to pieces but some people just don’t seem to be able to understand just how amazing they are.
So I intend to rep them on the blog as much as possible this Summer!
On the darker days I was able to shine with the help of accessories and my amazingly bright red hair.
I’ve been wearing a lot of accessories by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tatty Devine and indie brands recently.
As gorgeous as they all are though, I don’t think anything is as good an accessory as my hair is right now.
Don’t worry I’m not becoming bigheaded, I’m just super happy (and pretty proud) of my hair for once.
Ever since I had it done at Bleach I’ve had people stopping me to tell me how much they love the colour.
It’s a silly little compliment but it boosts my confidence and makes me glad I went back to red.
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Photo Diary: A Week in My Shoes

In the past week I’ve been working but making time for fun also.
It started with me going for dinner with Nhuc & Sophie, for a catch-up.
The amazingly gorgeous cake was mine & Nhuc’s dessert…no not the whole thing.
The next day I attended the Spirit of Summer Fair with Anna – watch my vlog here.
I did some chocolate tasting at the event (with Paul A Young) as well as some shopping.
I should have bought a new perfume as my favourite Jo Malone fragrance ran out, luckily I have another.
During the week my dad came to visit (whilst my mum stayed at home to take care of the dog).
We attended the Netsuke Exhibition at the Japanese Embassy – the main reason for his visit.
We went for lunch at The Breakfast Club, as it’s one of his favourite places.
Then we popped next door to one of Paul A Young’s chocolate shops.
I was treated to a box of amazingly delicious chocolates.
So that’s pretty much my week, it wasn’t anything too crazy exciting but it was fun.
I also took a few outfit shots (see ootd post here), to keep things flowing.
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