Photo Diary: A Week in My Shoes

In the past week I’ve been working but making time for fun also.
It started with me going for dinner with Nhuc & Sophie, for a catch-up.
The amazingly gorgeous cake was mine & Nhuc’s dessert…no not the whole thing.
The next day I attended the Spirit of Summer Fair with Anna – watch my vlog here.
I did some chocolate tasting at the event (with Paul A Young) as well as some shopping.
I should have bought a new perfume as my favourite Jo Malone fragrance ran out, luckily I have another.
During the week my dad came to visit (whilst my mum stayed at home to take care of the dog).
We attended the Netsuke Exhibition at the Japanese Embassy – the main reason for his visit.
We went for lunch at The Breakfast Club, as it’s one of his favourite places.
Then we popped next door to one of Paul A Young’s chocolate shops.
I was treated to a box of amazingly delicious chocolates.
So that’s pretty much my week, it wasn’t anything too crazy exciting but it was fun.
I also took a few outfit shots (see ootd post here), to keep things flowing.
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