My Favourite Asian Beauty Products

After being asked over the weekend about my favourite Japanese beauty products,

I thought it might make a change to post about some of my favourite Asian beauty products.
I know I have done it in the past, but I hope this will help my new readers and those who don’t know much about them.
I’ve decided to make it simple and pick my favourite make-up brands, for certain products.
I have chosen items that I use everyday. I don’t use items such as bronzer etc. so they won’t be included. 
It’s also worth mentioning that even though I have used a lot of Asian beauty products I haven’t tried out every single brand, and I do prefer Western brands for certain products so where there are gaps, this is why.
Also, I have not only chosen Asian brands, but brands that are also popular in the Asian beauty market.
A lot of the ‘Western’ beauty brands that are popular often carry lines that are only available in Asia.

I have linked each product to where you can purchase it online.


Concealer: Candydoll / Sana
BB Cream: Skin79 Hot Pink / Skin79 Diamond Collection
Contouring: Diamond Beauty / Canmake
Loose Powder: Diamond Beauty

Blush: Canmake
Highlight: Canmake


Primer: Canmake
Eyeshadow: Dollywink / Canmake
Eyeliner: KATE / Dollywink
Eyelashes: Diamond Lash / Eyemazing
Mascara: Dollywink

Lip Care: Paul & Joe
Lip Gloss: Candydoll / B & C
Lip Balm: Happy Bath Day

Nude Lipsticks: Candydoll / Canmake
Other Lipsticks: Anna Sui
I hope this has helped a few people who want to venture into the Asian beauty market.
I don’t know everything about Asian beauty products but my time living in Japan, and importing products from Asian companies has helped me a lot. My favourite place to shop online is Sasa, the prices are reasonable (not marked up as high as other stores), they offer a very large selection and are reliable. Alpha Beauty Store on eBay also offer a wide variety of Asian Beauty products, including most of those listed above.

Source; 1

Presents from Taiwan

(Face Masks; Sasa, Green Tea Powder, Happie Nuts Magazine & Rienda Pouch)

Recently my mum went over to Hong Kong to visit my sister, who is currently living there with her boyfriend.
Whilst she was there they decided to take a trip to Taiwan, as they’d been before and really love the country.
In-between visiting friends, and eating some amazing food, my mum picked me up a few gifts.
She’s calling these ‘belated birthday presents’, but I already received some money and chocolate from my parents, so I wasn’t expecting anything else. 
What did I get?
+ Japanese Cherry Blossom Sheet Face Masks
+ Apricot Sheet Face Masks
+ Green Tea Powder Sachets
+ Happie Nuts Magazine
The face masks are from a store named Sasa. They have quite a few stores in Asia, but they also sell their products online, here. They ship internationally, and are one of the best places online to find Asian beauty products.
Happie Nuts for my readers who don’t know, is a Japanese fashion magazine. It’s mainly aimed at women in their 20s and predominantly features ‘gyaru’ or ‘gal’ fashion, which some of you may know I was a fan of. I still enjoy reading Happie Nuts though, as I find the fashion and beauty articles are more on trend with Western styles. 
For my new readers, I do speak and read Japanese (competently, not fluently).

Finally, the green tea power sachets (Matcha) are just because I love Matcha so much, which you’ve probably heard me mention a thousand times before. I’m like a broken record!

Review: Toujours False Eyelashes & Skin79 Lip Gloss

The lovely people over at Shoppingholics sent me a wonderful package recently.
Here is a mini review of both items:

When I saw these I was so happy that they had sent me some ‘natural’ lashes. It’s been a while since I last wore false eyelashes as I’ve become so picky about the ones I choose, mainly because I prefer a more ‘natural’ look now.
+ Cute, efficient packaging (stands up by itself) 
+ Lightweight & nice feel to the lashes, not plastic-y at all
+ Gorgeous, natural, cat-eye look that I could easily wear everyday 
+ 3 pairs, so if you lose/accidentally break them you’ve got back-ups
– Doesn’t come with eyelash glue
– Rather fragile, but should last if you’re careful
– Too long for my eye, so I had to cut them down
In my opinion, Japanese false eyelashes are some of the best you can buy.
These were produced by Japanese model Marimo (Popteen) for Eyemazing (a well known false eyelash brand in Japan) and the series contains 3 different sets of lashes, all of which are fruit themed…no idea why though.
You can find the whole series here.

I had previously heard of this brand thanks to their BB Cream, which is very popular in Asia.
I’m not a big lip gloss fan, I’ve recently converted to lipstick, so I was interested in trying this out.
+ Didn’t dry out my lips
+ Cute, Anna Sui style packaging
+ Natural colour that would suit most people
+ Small and light, so you can attach it to your keys/purse
– Not as ‘glossy’ as I had hoped for
– Slightly sticky when applied and when worn
+The mirror is a little too small to be practical, but it’s a nice touch
When I swatched this it was incredibly pale, so much so that it barely showed in photos.
However when applied a few times it came out a nice shade of red. So unless you want more gloss than colour this probably isn’t right for those with pigmented lips.
Find this and more Skin79 products here.
Finally, a picture of me wearing both the eyelashes and lip gloss.

2 Year Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate the blog’s 2 year anniversary I am hosting a small giveaway, as a thank you to all my readers & followers. 
What can you win?
 Sponsored Items
1. Fringe/Hair Velcro Clip & Koji ‘Spring Heart’ Eyelashes; Long & Volume #4 from
2. B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone Lip Gloss; Noble Pink from

From Myself
1. Green Tea and Ginger Peel-Off Mask & Vanilla Fudge Self-Heating Mask
2. Topshop Hairbow Clip & Topshop Ring
3. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss
4. Nivea Soft Skin Cream Sample
5. Klorane Pomegranate Shampoo & Conditioner (for coloured hair) Sample
6. Love Hearts Sweets

The giveaway ends on March 15th.
One person will win all of the above items. 
The winner will be chosen by random number generator.

Good Luck!!

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A very pink present…

Canmake; powder cheek, cheek&cheek, melty nude lip, lip care essence
& Bath Roman salts

One of my closest friends, the always gorgeous Alanna, visited Japan recently and whilst she was there she was kind enough to pick me up a few things…and also send me a couple of surprise items. Such a sweety!!

New Dollywink products

As there are several images I have put them under a cut.
As always, please click on the images to enlarge them.
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

3x upper lash sets – 1260円 each

3x lower lash sets – 1260円 each

2x eyelash glue; clear & black 945円 each
3x eyebrow mascaras; milk tea, mocha & cocoa – 1050円 each

1x eyelash case – 420円
3x eyebrow pencil; honey brown, chocolate brown & dark chocolate – 735円 each
3x eyebrow powder; honey brown, chocolate brown & dark chocolate – 1260円 each
The new line of Dollywink products by Koji & Tsubasa Masuwaka

When producing this new line Tsubasa said she did it with a cute, but not fake or artificial look in mind. She wanted to create something for an ‘Otona’ (adult) look, that would still allow girls to be stylish.

I know the new eyelashes have not been greeted well, but I personally like them. I think they’re simple, adult and will add that little something extra to a girls make-up, without looking too OTT – which I believe is what Tsubasa had in mind. I don’t really use eyebrow products so those aren’t of interest to me. The only thing I’m a little upset about is the design on the eye lash case, I feel it’s lacking slightly.

Source; 1

Review: Max Series – Violet Circle Lenses

Max Series colour contact lenses*
Lenses – Violet
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.50 & 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.
The Max Series (by EOS) features a darker outer rim with a graduated inner colour. This helps it to blend easier with your natural colour, whilst still defining your eyes.
Now onto the pictures…
These were all taken in the afternoon, in A/W lighting, without flash, with lighting aid…

I like the ‘adult look’ that these lenses give when worn. There is definition of the eye, creating a slight enlarging effect but nothing too over-the-top. The colour is good, but isn’t as bright or noticeable as other lenses I have worn. It also doesn’t blend easily, because it’s violet, obviously. However it’s still quite pretty.
These weren’t so comfortable. I only wore them for 3 hours, because my eyes were itching and drying out like crazy. This may be because of my allergies, but taking this into account and other lenses, I felt a little let down.
If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok, and if they get dry just pop some contact lens-friendly eye solution in – never use water!

Recently I prefer more natural lens colours but these were mistakingly sent to me over some blue ones, so I don’t have much to say on that front. I would wear these again for a short period of time with a more casual look, but not if I wanted to ‘glam up’.
Want to order a pair for yourself? –
They ship worldwide!
For any other questions you might have, check out their FAQ page.
Feel free to leave comments or ask me any questions you might have.
This is the last circle lens review I will be doing for a while as I am now taking a break from it.