Review: Toujours False Eyelashes & Skin79 Lip Gloss

The lovely people over at Shoppingholics sent me a wonderful package recently.
Here is a mini review of both items:

When I saw these I was so happy that they had sent me some ‘natural’ lashes. It’s been a while since I last wore false eyelashes as I’ve become so picky about the ones I choose, mainly because I prefer a more ‘natural’ look now.
+ Cute, efficient packaging (stands up by itself) 
+ Lightweight & nice feel to the lashes, not plastic-y at all
+ Gorgeous, natural, cat-eye look that I could easily wear everyday 
+ 3 pairs, so if you lose/accidentally break them you’ve got back-ups
– Doesn’t come with eyelash glue
– Rather fragile, but should last if you’re careful
– Too long for my eye, so I had to cut them down
In my opinion, Japanese false eyelashes are some of the best you can buy.
These were produced by Japanese model Marimo (Popteen) for Eyemazing (a well known false eyelash brand in Japan) and the series contains 3 different sets of lashes, all of which are fruit themed…no idea why though.
You can find the whole series here.

I had previously heard of this brand thanks to their BB Cream, which is very popular in Asia.
I’m not a big lip gloss fan, I’ve recently converted to lipstick, so I was interested in trying this out.
+ Didn’t dry out my lips
+ Cute, Anna Sui style packaging
+ Natural colour that would suit most people
+ Small and light, so you can attach it to your keys/purse
– Not as ‘glossy’ as I had hoped for
– Slightly sticky when applied and when worn
+The mirror is a little too small to be practical, but it’s a nice touch
When I swatched this it was incredibly pale, so much so that it barely showed in photos.
However when applied a few times it came out a nice shade of red. So unless you want more gloss than colour this probably isn’t right for those with pigmented lips.
Find this and more Skin79 products here.
Finally, a picture of me wearing both the eyelashes and lip gloss.