New Dollywink products

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3x upper lash sets – 1260円 each

3x lower lash sets – 1260円 each

2x eyelash glue; clear & black 945円 each
3x eyebrow mascaras; milk tea, mocha & cocoa – 1050円 each

1x eyelash case – 420円
3x eyebrow pencil; honey brown, chocolate brown & dark chocolate – 735円 each
3x eyebrow powder; honey brown, chocolate brown & dark chocolate – 1260円 each
The new line of Dollywink products by Koji & Tsubasa Masuwaka

When producing this new line Tsubasa said she did it with a cute, but not fake or artificial look in mind. She wanted to create something for an ‘Otona’ (adult) look, that would still allow girls to be stylish.

I know the new eyelashes have not been greeted well, but I personally like them. I think they’re simple, adult and will add that little something extra to a girls make-up, without looking too OTT – which I believe is what Tsubasa had in mind. I don’t really use eyebrow products so those aren’t of interest to me. The only thing I’m a little upset about is the design on the eye lash case, I feel it’s lacking slightly.

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