Conscious Living, with Love from Berlin

love from berlinConscious Living, with Love from Berlin

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about lifestyle, conscious living and friendship. I’ve been reading my friend Rae’s blog (Love from Berlin) for several years, in fact it’s how we became friends in the first place. Last year we finally met in Berlin, and the most amazing thing happened. We sat and talked for hours on topics ranging from fashion, to travel, culture and feminism. Even though we had spoken on social media in the past, it was still wonderful to know that our views were so similar. She has such a positive outlook on life. So when she re-branded her blog late last year, it made a lot of sense that the theme was ‘conscious lifestyle and creation’:

“A conscious lifestyle is all about being aware and present while making decisions and choices about how we live our lives and treat ourselves, others, and the world around us. This concept is the backbone of everything that you will find here on LFB.”

Conscious Living…

LFB’s re-brand came with several new features, one being the Conscious Living Interview series. And guess who Rae asked to help kick off the series? Me! Of course I was delighted, and accepted straight away. The interview tackles questions on topics such as empathy, social media, blogging and of course, conscious living. Here’s a little sneak peak at one of my answers:

In the blogging world, many bloggers feel the pressure to stay on top of trends, purchase new things for reviews, accept gifts etc. How do you balance the mass consumption and product selling side of blogging with living consciously?

“It certainly isn’t easy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I succumbed to the pressure when I first started blogging. I found myself buying excessive amounts of beauty products “for the blog”, and writing about everything and anything, just to keep up with people and “the trends”. Pretty soon I realised that this wasn’t any way to continue. I try to live consciously, and I think my recent lifestyle change has really helped with this. Finding my own blog voice, and feeling confident in myself are big contributing factors.”

You can find out my feelings on all of these and more, at Love from Berlin.