Conscious Living, with Love from Berlin

love from berlinConscious Living, with Love from Berlin

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about lifestyle, conscious living and friendship. I’ve been reading my friend Rae’s blog (Love from Berlin) for several years, in fact it’s how we became friends in the first place. Last year we finally met in Berlin, and the most amazing thing happened. We sat and talked for hours on topics ranging from fashion, to travel, culture and feminism. Even though we had spoken on social media in the past, it was still wonderful to know that our views were so similar. She has such a positive outlook on life. So when she re-branded her blog late last year, it made a lot of sense that the theme was ‘conscious lifestyle and creation’:

“A conscious lifestyle is all about being aware and present while making decisions and choices about how we live our lives and treat ourselves, others, and the world around us. This concept is the backbone of everything that you will find here on LFB.”

Conscious Living…

LFB’s re-brand came with several new features, one being the Conscious Living Interview series. And guess who Rae asked to help kick off the series? Me! Of course I was delighted, and accepted straight away. The interview tackles questions on topics such as empathy, social media, blogging and of course, conscious living. Here’s a little sneak peak at one of my answers:

In the blogging world, many bloggers feel the pressure to stay on top of trends, purchase new things for reviews, accept gifts etc. How do you balance the mass consumption and product selling side of blogging with living consciously?

“It certainly isn’t easy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I succumbed to the pressure when I first started blogging. I found myself buying excessive amounts of beauty products “for the blog”, and writing about everything and anything, just to keep up with people and “the trends”. Pretty soon I realised that this wasn’t any way to continue. I try to live consciously, and I think my recent lifestyle change has really helped with this. Finding my own blog voice, and feeling confident in myself are big contributing factors.”

You can find out my feelings on all of these and more, at Love from Berlin.

Interview: Keiko Lynn

I’m sure you all know of Keiko Lynn already, but if you don’t then you’re in for a nice surprise. Keiko is the gorgeous face from Brooklyn behind the fashion, beauty and style blog Keiko Lynn. Her blog, (established in 2008) features beautiful photography and even more eye catching content. You’ll find hair & make-up tutorials and outfit posts galore – as a reader you’re spoilt for choice. She took the time recently to answer a few questions for me, and here’s what she had to say.

You’re my style crush, and I think it’s safe to say you’ve influenced a lot of people through your blog. So what I’d like to know is who, and what, influences you?
I take influence from so many places, it’s sometimes difficult to pin down. My great grandma always had a big impact on me – she was an excellent seamstress and taught me everything I know. She had the best style, and the fact that she made most of her own clothes made it even better. Sewing is what got me interested in fashion. I’m also a big fan of the ladies featured on Advanced Style, because I believe in wearing whatever makes you happy, and not adhering to any boundaries set by others. As far as style influences, I’d say I look to the past. The 60s and 90s are big influences. I watched a lot of My So Called Life, growing up.

Do you have any favourite fashion brands you couldn’t live without?
I’m crazy about a lot of niche brands: Sretsis, Vivetta, To Be Adored, Family Affairs, Rachel Antonoff…the list goes on.

Of course your tattoos are a big part of you, and your personal style. Do you have a favourite? And would you have any advice for someone who is thinking of getting their first tattoo?
I waited for years to be tattooed by Amanda Wachob, so my floral piece on my forearm is my favorite. It makes me so happy when I look at it – I can’t remember a time when I was without it! First time tattoos: do your research, and be patient. Don’t go in without a clear idea of what you want. Don’t rush something that will be on your body forever.

You are always looking flawless, so I’d love to know how you keep your skin looking so great, and what your favourite beauty/cosmetic brands are.
I use a lot of Mario Badescu products, and also get my facials there. Lately, I’ve been using Biologique Recherche P50 1970 as my toner, and I swapped out my normal moisturizer for Coconut Oil.

Finally, as the majority of my readers are based in the UK I’m sure they’d love to know a little bit about Brooklyn. 
Do you have any favourite spots you’d recommend? 
I’m actually working on an ongoing guide to Brooklyn, so I’ll have a more cohesive list, soon!
Some of my go-to spots would be:

Farmacy (for an egg cream or an ice cream sundae)Dough (for the best donuts)Four and Twenty Blackbirds (pie) 

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner:
Vinegar Hill House,
Buttermilk Channel,
Hunter’s, Al Di La, Clover Club (jazz night on Wednesdays) 

Beacon’s Closet,
Article, Cloak and DaggerCatbird,
Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store, Brooklyn Flea

Thank you to Keiko Lynn for being kind enough to answer my questions.
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Submit Your Questions About Japan!

After discussing adventures and experiences this week, I’ve decided to do a post about my time in Japan. I get a lot of people on here (and Twitter) asking me about my time in Japan, so I thought I’d open up to you all. I plan to do a post answering any questions you might have about living/studying in Japan, or just about Japan in general. 
You can leave your questions: 
By commenting on this post. 
By tweeting me: @bloomzy_
Or on Instagram: @bloomzy 
 I plan to round up all the questions early next week, so you have until then to get your questions in. 
 Remember, there are no wrong questions. 
 I can’t wait to see what you have to ask!

Question and Answer

The always wonderful Kira Walker tagged me in a question post, and since I can’t say no to her and because I feel like telling you guys a little more about myself, I shall oblige.


1. What is it that made you decide to make a blog?
I knew a few friends that had blogs and I wanted somewhere that I could voice my opinions and post about the fashion I loved. I never thought I would still be blogging now, and have so many followers. Thank you everyone ♥

2. If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
Working in the PR industry. It’s something that I really want to work towards.

3. Have you made any resolutions this year and kept them?
I don’t really make resolutions, so I tend to stick by the same one each year; Experience as many new things as possible.

4. Name one thing that makes your day that bit better:
Without being too cheesy it would have to be my fiancé. It’s lovely to wake up next to him and come back home to him everyday. He always makes me smile – I’m never down for long when he’s around.

5. Your favourite hot drink:
Chai Tea Latte and Lemon Tea.

6. Where would you like to be in 10 years time?
Married, maybe with children, and a good job.
It’s a lot to hope for, but having a successful career would be great.

7. Biggest regret?
I don’t regret anything because at the time I was only doing what I thought was best. You learn from your mistakes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that…

8. Biggest pet peeve?
Close-minded people is the one thing that always comes to mind when people ask me this.

9. If you had only one movie that you could watch for the rest of your life which would it be and why?
Amélie, of course! It’s my movie.

10. The kindest thing you did in 2011?
I guess I try to do ‘kind things’ everyday so I can’t really think of anything specific. I did give away my Giant Alpaca Plush to my flatmate in Tokyo. It might sound silly but I loved my Alpaca but I wanted more to make her happy as she was so sad that I was leaving.

11. Cookies or Ice Cream?
Cookies!! White Chocolate and Raspberry is my favourite.
I’m not a big fan of ice cream.

Manba Returns?!

I think by now, most of you have seen this from EGG’s May issue;

I was intrigued to see it, and read it – especially with a title such as ‘Manba Returns!!‘ We all know Manba is a hit-or-miss topic when it comes to Gal – some say it is out, others say it isn’t. Well I decided that I was going to translate this for those who can’t read Japanese – and as far as I know there isn’t an English source for it at the moment.

So what does it say?

When I/You say ‘Manba’ it’s probably this person.
[meaning this person comes to mind]

“Ka~tan is a charisma Manba who began the 2nd Manba movement.
Now she is a reader model on one magazine and has started a work clothes brand ‘kon-burenda’.

Manba Transformation~

“The finished look, all 5 of them applied too much foundation.
They clearly have a border between their face and neck (lol)”
“Mami having her foundation applied by Ka~tan. 
Mami was really nervous in front of her.”

“She couldn’t apply concealer straight onto the face as the foundation was so dark. Therefore she applied it with a brush.”

“I liked that person (referring to Ka~tan), Manya said.”
[showing an old issue of EGG with a feature on Ka~tan]

“The last weapon is FACE STICKER DECO!
[They emphasis how great and cute it is for creating a winning look]

“Their hair didn’t have much power with their normal style.
Therefore hair extensions/decorations from CARRY were put on.”
The desired Manba project finally started!
Going to change to the strongest Manba!

” ‘Let’s do Manba project!’
Word started of this project through E.GIRLS. To tell you the truth they were inspired by issues of EGG that they had read when Manba was popular – these 5 girls wanted to try Manba (lol).
In fact, they were so eager to do the project that they even made a proposal (project paper) and handed it in directly (lol).
Anyway, let’s be Manba~

So they met up, but they weren’t sure how to be Manba as they weren’t around during that time (Kanako was around in that generation?? lol).
To know the special secret (essence) of Manba they invited a girl who is Manba.
Founder of Manba religion: Ka~tan sama ☆☆

She graduated from Manba 6 years ago and [today] there are no signs of Manba on her. [you can’t notice she used to be Manba]. However her sense of Manba may be revived [she may became excited with the ex-soul of Manba when she remembered].

She picked up a CANMAKE white concealer (for eyes) and black foundation and began her lecture. 

The 5 girls were confused about using [very] black foundation and massive eye make-up, but they also introduced their own way by themselves and created a new generation of Manba (Neo-Manba), which was a combination of old and new styles.” 

Finally, from left to right:
Gugun, Pink Manya, Kawabatan, Mamin, Mira (Daiso?)
[The kanji on the end of some of their names means old woman/hag/bitch]

There you have it! Unfortunately this is more of a special interest piece (likely due to EGG’s recent anniversary) and not a proper revival of Manba. But who knows? Maybe people will be inspired by these girls and will feel the call of Manba once again ;D

Special thanks go to my Japanese friend who helped me with the parts I got stuck on! This is not a literal translation, otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense. I translated it into English that made more sense but still kept the original meaning.