Beauty Kitchen Konjac Sponge | Review

beauty-kitchen-konjac-spongeBeauty Kitchen Konjac Sponge*

Do you ever see a beauty product and think, “this is love at first sight”? That’s what happened to me when I first discovered konjac sponges. I’m a bit of a sucker for Japanese beauty products – they’re the best – as you probably already know. But it was pricey, so I had second thoughts. I didn’t know anything about this mysterious sponge, and I knew that the store I was in often hikes up prices. So I waited…and I waited. In the meantime I received a glowing testimonial (for konjac sponges) from my friend Dodo. After hearing good things from someone I trust, I finally decided I would buy one. Luckily for me I attended the Holland and Barrett press day where I met Beauty Kitchen. And guess what their latest product was…

– Reusable
– 100% natural
– Easy to travel with
– Gentle on skin
– Very good price point
– Lasts for up to 3 months

– Can be difficult to get into the inner corner of the eye

I was so happy to see Beauty Kitchen bringing out their own konjac sponge. These come wet, so you can see/feel just how soft they will be on your skin. All you have to do is wet the sponge in warm water and use by itself, or alongside your cleanser. The sponge is great at getting rid of make-up, although it can be difficult to get into the inner corner of the eye. But as the sponge is flexible you’ll soon figure out how to get around this problem. After use the sponge just needs a little rinse under water, and then you can hang it to dry. It shrinks once dry, which means it’s easy to transport, and all it needs is to be soaked in water for it to expand again.

It’s only a matter of time before these hit the big time and we see them everywhere. At only £6.99, Beauty Kitchen’s Facial Konjac Sponge is a ridiculously good buy. I will definitely be purchasing one when this one gets old.

You can purchase Beauty Kitchen’s Konjac Sponge in-store and online at Holland and Barrett.

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