Review: H&M Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

H&M-Smokey-Nudes-Eye-Palette-swatch-review-1H&M Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

It seems like forever since I did a beauty product review. It’s not that I’ve gone off the idea. In fact it’s the opposite. I’ve been diligently testing beauty products over the past few weeks. The first of the bunch? H&M’s Smokey Nudes Eye Palette. Recently H&M rebranded their beauty range, and brought us some new look products. But do they live up to their new sleek look?

+ Elegant packaging
+ 9 nude shades
+ Matte, pearl and metallic shadows
+ Includes tutorial sheet

+ Doesn’t come with applicator
+ Lighter shadows are very sheer
+ Needs to be used with primer

As you can see, I have very mixed feelings about this palette. First off, let’s admire the gorgeous packaging. I will hand it to H&M, these products look high-end. Unfortunately though the shadows don’t wear as a high-end product would. The lighter shadows in the palette are very sheer. I mean, can you even see them in my photos? That’s with a primer too, because if you don’t use one, you won’t get any payback. The browns are great though. They’re pigmented and they stay pretty well. The added tutorial sheet is pretty useful for beginners, who just for those who aren’t sure which colours to pair together. However the lack of an applicator left me feeling a little miffed. True, I use brushes, but what if I’m caught without one? Or what if someone doesn’t own any? It just feels like a way of up selling H&M’s own brushes. At £9.99, would I buy this again? I’m torn. I love the packaging, and the shadows aren’t bad quality. I just feel like we’re paying for the re-brand a little. So I guess it’s a maybe from me this time.

You can buy the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette at H&M Beauty.

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