Bake with Maria x KitchenAid


I spent a lot of time baking when I was freelancing last year. I loved trying out new recipes and perfecting old ones. However since I started my current job I’ve just not had the time for it. My evenings/weekends are filled with personal time with Ben, press events, and meeting with friends. Sad but true. Recently though I’ve been considering making more time for my old passion. So when Bake with Maria and KitchenAid invited me to a baking masterclass, I jumped at the chance to rekindle an old flame.

We started the evening with a small presentation by KitchenAid. I have gifted my mum (an exceptional baker) their products before, so I already know how amazing they are. However their new Magnetic Drive Blender (that’s the Torrent Blender to you Americans) is something else entirely. It uses a magnetic base rather than the usual slot base, and manages to blend even the most difficult of items. That particular evening we were using it to make chocolate ganache (on the milkshake setting…MILKSHAKE SETTING)! Any blender that can simultaneously create healthy beverages and junk food is a blender I want to own.

Anyway, back to the masterclass! We were making a chocolate tart, with a dark chocolate ganache filling and Chantilly creme. One of my personal favourites. We had a go making our own pastry (for the base, duh), making the ganache, and then finally the cream. All whilst using KitchenAid products. It was a surprisingly natural way to introduce us to the products, and show us what they could do. I’m already a convert to kitchen gadgets, so this class really drilled in how useful the KitchenAid products are. And how amazing a baker Maria is!

You can book your own masterclass at Bake with Maria, and purchase KitchenAid products at Selfridges.

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