Review: Shanghai Tang Gold Lily Perfume

shanghai-tang-gold-lily-perfume-silk-road-fragrance-review-2Shanghai Tang Gold Lily Perfume*

I don’t often do perfume reviews – mainly because it’s a very personal subject. Everyone has their favourite type of scent. Some people prefer floral, some musky, others sickly sweet. There are such a variety of options when it comes to perfume. I used to buy 5-7 of bottles a year. After a while I realised that having a signature scent made far more sense than dousing myself in a different perfume every day. The real question is, would Shanghai Tang Gold Lily perfume become just that?

+ Beautiful packaging
+ Subtle fragrance; floral & musk

– Very heavy bottle

Some beauty products are practical. Some are innovative. Others are so beautiful you can’t bare to use them. But what happens when you find a product that matches all three of these? You weep a little. The first thing I noticed when I opened my Shanghai Tang parcel was the packaging. The box and bottle are exquisite; simple, yet also somehow opulent. I couldn’t contain my joy – something those who follow me on Snapchat may have noticed. One thing I did notice was that the bottle is incredibly heavy. Oddly enough this is due to the ornate lid. However I was hoping that it was the perfume inside the bottle that would steal the show. According to the site “the precious Lily flower is wrapped with accents of Jasmine, Orange flower, patchouli and musk creating a mysterious and sensual composition.” And since I’m nowhere near articulate enough I’m going to leave you with that description, because it sums it up perfectly. This is a subtle floral fragrance with a hint of musk. Whilst wearing it I feel equal parts feminine, powerful and elegant. Yes a perfume really can do that to your confidence! Is this my new signature scent? I think it could be! Would I purchase it? At £100 this isn’t pocket change. On the other hand, if I only bought one perfume a year (because they honestly last me that long), then that’s just over £8 a month. I really think this is a scent worth saving for…or popping on your Christmas wish list.

The Silk Road Fragrance collection is available to purchase in Shanghai Tang‘s Hong Kong, Macau and London boutiques.

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