Review: MayBeauty Peel Away Facemask





MayBeauty Peel Away Facemask*

Is there anything more satisfying than peeling glue off your hand? Well, if you’re one of those people who feels a little silly indulging their inner child, I have good news for you! There is an adult version…and it’s good for your skin! Admittedly it isn’t glue, in fact it’s actually a facemask by MayBeauty. I used to buy a similar mask in Daiso (no shame) whilst living in Tokyo, so I was happy to try this European offering.

+ Refreshing and invigorating when first applied.
+ Satisfyingly peels away all at once.
+ Left my skin supple and smooth.

– Stings slightly when peeling off.
– Shouldn’t be applied near eyebrows (or any kind of facial hair).

Peel away masks are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love how you feel them tighten on your face…and then comes the satisfying removal. MayBeauty’s mask offered all of this and more. It left my skin feeling supple and smooth, and it clearly did something as a pesky spot appeared the next day. As annoying as it is, I always think this shows a product is doing something. There are a few downsides to the mask, such as how it stings when you peel it off (like removing a plaster). I was assured this is normal and goes off after the first wear. This leads me to the warning: do not put this anywhere near eyebrows/facial hair – it will pull it off! Luckily I didn’t experience it, but I did spot it in the instructions, and I can see why. This mask takes no prisoners! Overall, I was impressed with MayBeauty’s facemask. The test package comes with 5 masks, a brush and a guide and costs £25. After that prices start at £25 for 8 masks and increase depending on how many you wish to buy. Would I pay £25 for 2 months of masks? Yes I would. These are a great addition to anyone’s weekly skincare routine.

You can purchase the peel away facemask at MayBeauty.