Review: Witch Overnight Clearing Serum

There aren’t many beauty products that make it to my bedside table, most live their days out in my bathroom cabinet. The few that do make it are the ones I use every night. The ones my skin can’t live without. Witch’s Overnight Clearing Serum is a new product that made it to this coveted spot…within only a week of using it.
+ Gets rid of spots within 1-2 days
+ Moisturises
+ Non-oily
+ Works overnight
+ Leaves my skin happy and clear
– Takes a few minutes to absorb into my skin
– Bottle only contains 50ml of product
How many “spot clearing” products have you used that have actually helped clear up a blemish? For me it’s probably around 5%. Witch’s Overnight Clearing Serum is part of that minority. When I received this I actually had a small spot appearing on my chin, but within 2 nights of applying it the spot had gone. Honestly I wasn’t entirely certain the product had done it all by itself. That was until I had another blemish appear. Again, 2 nights went by, and BAM! it was gone. This little wonder really does what it says on the tin. For only £5.99 I will definitely be purchasing one of these when my current one runs out. I just wish the bottle was bigger so it would last forever.
You can purchase Witch Overnight Clearing Serum at Superdrug.