Making Time to Relax

 house-of-fraser-moroccan-rose-diffuser-candle-votive-set-2 house-of-fraser-moroccan-rose-diffuser-candle-votive-set-1

My week generally consists of 5 main activities: working, socialising, blogging, eating and sleeping. I honestly don’t have much time for socialising or blogging, but somehow I manage to squeeze them in-between all of the others. In short, I don’t get much time to myself. However my busy schedule has led to me devising several ways to wind-down and relax. It involves sweet scents and even sweeter treats.

Scent has always been a big relaxation factor for me, so you’ll find a variety of candles and diffusers dotted around my apartment and office – I even keep a candle in my wardrobe (unlit, of course)! For me candles are more than decoration/making a room smell nice. All I have to do is light one and I am automatically taken to a carefree land that smells as good as it feels. As for diffusers, I love how they can fill a whole room with a comforting scent in a matter of minutes. I like to switch mine between rooms during the day, so the scent follows me…and my activities. The most important factor is finding a scent that you love. I was gifted several new scents at Christmas, but my favourite will always be mulled spices – it reminds me of wrapping up on a cold Winter night, family, open fires and rich food. Can you see why I love it so much?

It’s amazing how scent can have such a strong impact on your emotions. I hope it will always be something I can fit into my busy relaxation schedule.