Beauty at Hyper Japan 2014

I’ve been a fan of Japanese beauty trends and products ever since my blog started so when I visited Hyper Japan last month I knew that I had to scout out the stalls showcasing my obsession.

I was in luck as there were several brands and shops at the exhibition specifically selling Japanese beauty products. Gyaru favourite Diamond Beauty (more widely known as Diamond Lash) were placed at the front of the ‘Hyper Kawaii’ section and were there to showcase their false lashes and eyeliner. More false lashes were available from Dreamy Bows who also had an array of false nails (including some intricate 3D designs) on offer. In fact ‘false’ was the name of the game with a lot of the beauty stalls offering up lashes, nails and hair dye. Though Pastel Doll ultimately won the award for their adorable selection of wigs, which I was incredibly tempted by…even though I know I’d only ever wear it inside the house (that’s good enough, right?). Of course it’s been a while since I’ve worn false lashes and nails etc. so I was pleased to see other items on offer too. Fans of a more natural look (or just those with a penchant for beauty) beelined for P2Bus – the ultimate UK based Japanese beauty store. With make-up, skincare and beauty accessories on offer from brands such as Dolly Wink, Biore and Kose they were certainly my favourite stall, if only for the selection of brands and products.

It was great to see so many Japanese beauty products on offer this year and at some decent prices too (I’m looking at you Diamond Lash and Dreamy Bows). I bought several items myself, a few of which I plan to review on the blog. I just wish that the items were more widely available here and I didn’t have to stock up once a year at Hyper Japan.