Finchittida Finch Empress Collection

Last weekend I had to make a stop to see my favourite design-duo Finchittida Finch. You may remember that I interned for them last year and I am so proud to continue following them as they go from strength to strength. Their collections are now available to buy on ASOS and in selected Urban Outfitters stores. How awesome is that? It just goes to show that a little bit (ok, a lot) of hard work, goes a long way! So when I heard they had a pop-up just down the road from me you know I was gonna be there asap! Unfortunately I caught a nasty cold so I missed the party and free nail art (you know I’m sick if I miss out on nail art), but I did make it down for their final day.
The Empress Collection is Finchittida’s latest collection, and in my opinion, the best to date. I didn’t think I could love their pieces anymore but the ornate crowns, the avant garde glasses, and the subtle pops of colour have won me over. My favourite piece from the collection is the chain mail skirt. You can see the effort that has gone into making this such a gorgeous and intricate piece. However I know I’m not going to be sporting it down to the shops anytime soon, so for a more practical choice I’d choose any of the necklaces, especially the large gold ones. As you can see I visited with some friends (Alex, Federica & Honey), and we all picked some pieces to model. If I’d had longer I would have dressed up in everything…yes that means the chain mail too! Still, for now I’ll just live vicariously through Li-Ann Smal (the face of Finchittida Finch’s Empress Collection) – you can check out all of the jaw droppingly gorgeous photos in the Empress Collection Lookbook. I’d also suggest watching the beautiful behind-the-scenes film shot alongside the new lookbook.
You can shop the new collection at Finchittida Finch.