Review: Birchbox April 2014

This month’s Birchbox has a food theme.
Products are inspired by natural ingredients, candy colours and more.
You know I’m a foodie so this box is incredibly enticing for me. 
Inside my box was…
TheBalm Cosmetics – Cheek & Lip Cream
Lord & Berry – Kohl Eye Pencil
Color Club – Gala’s Gem Nail Polish
Tommyguns – Pomegranate & Orange Flower Shampoo
One Love Organics – Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm
Propercorn – Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sundried Tomato 

I’m going to give you the bad news first: It’s my third month in with my Birchbox subscription, and how am I feeling? This is the first box that has left me on the fence, and feeling a little bit “meh.” I have far too many lip balms/stains already and I don’t like cheek creams so I will probably gift the ‘TheBalm Cosmetics’ product. The packaging is cute though and reminds me a bit of Benefit. Next up, the ‘Lord & Berry Kohl Kajal Eyepencil’: I haven’t used an eye pencil since high school, and after converting to liquid eyeliner I probably won’t be going back to them. It’s a shame as I have wanted to try out a Lord & Berry for a while. Now I love ‘Propercorn’, so was glad to see them included as the ‘lifestyle’ item this month, however I can’t handle spice…at all, so these were too much for me. Sadly the other Propercorn option was my favourite – Sweet & Salty, but it was a 50/50 chance I’d get it, so I’m not upset. It’s not all bad though as the fiancé said he will gladly take it off my hands.
Now, for the good news: I am always happy to add another nail polish to my collection, especially when it’s a cute pastel shade. So the ‘Color Club Nail Polish’ was a welcomed addition. I also loved that we were able to choose the shade that went in our box this month. Usually you end up with a generic shade (like red) that everyone else also got. That’s not how Birchbox roll though. They asked us to choose which colour we would like to receive, out of 4 possible pastel shades. I choose the baby blue as I don’t have a similar shade – I know, shocking! This month introduced me to ‘TommyGuns Shampoo’, which smells amazing. I already have a ton of shampoos but I’m eager to try this. Now if only I had the conditioner too…! Birchbox have also introduced me to ‘One Love Organics Beauty Balm’ with this box. The packaging is simple and is different from what you receive if you buy a full size version, but it’s cute. It sounds like a pretty awesome product. I love natural, organic products, and I love skincare – it’s a match made in heaven.
So as you can see the box is pretty much split 50/50 for me this month. I may have received 3 products I’m not keen on/won’t use, but I also received 3 that I will! I understand that I won’t always receive a super amazing box with 5-6 products I adore, so I’m cool with this. Even then, the products I won’t use are still good quality samples that will make someone else very happy. Of course I do wish I’d received items I would get some use from, but I’m sure my friends will be happy. After all, what I don’t use gets given to them or donated to charity. After all folks, you’ve got to look for the silver lining!
You can subscribe or buy a one off box at Birchbox.
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