Tutorial: How To Remove Any Nail Polish Easily

I often get friends and readers asking me how I remove my nail polish so easily. The trick I use is one I learnt years ago from a friend, and I actually thought it was well known. People still seem surprised and thankful when I tell them though so I thought I’d make a tutorial.
You will need:
A sheet of tinfoil
A pair of scissors
A couple of cotton pads
1 x bottle of nail polish remover
A Step by Step Guide


1. Cut 5 thin (nail width), long strips from the tin foil.
You’ll only need 5 as you can re-use them on the other hand.
2. Cut the cotton pad so you have 10 nail size pieces.



3. Soak a cotton piece in nail polish remover, and squeeze off the excess.


4. Place the cotton pad on your nail and wrap the tin foil around it, and repeat for each nail.
Make sure you fold the tin foil at the tip, so it’s secure and won’t come off.

5. Leave these on for around 5 minutes for regular polish, and 10 minutes for glitter.
Times may vary depending on the polish, but I find these usually work fine.


6. Once removed you’ll have polish-free nails, and can start on the next hand.
With more stubborn polish a little may be left around the edges.
You can easily remove this though by using the cotton pad to wipe it away.
7. Wash your hands free of any nail polish remover and use a hand cream.
Make sure to pay attention to your nails and rub the cream in around the cuticles.
There you have it, my super easy nail polish remover tutorial. I have yet to meet a polish that doesn’t remove with this method. This wipes away even the most stubborn glitter nail polishes.
Have fun!