Review: Little Mix Collection Jade Lipstick

You all know by now that red is my signature lip colour.
In fact it got to a point where it felt odd for me to wear another colour.
So I took a plunge and decided to try out this lipstick from the Collection Little Mix range.
I loved the look of it and it gave me that push I needed to try something different.
Swatch on hand in natural light, and on lips in artificial light.

+ Creamy formula
+ Soft and smooth
+ Good application
+ Didn’t dry my lips out
+ Great price point

– Packaging could be better

I was very, very surprised with this lipstick. I didn’t think it would be easy for me to switch to wearing colours other than red, but I really liked this one. It has a red-brown base, and came out as a darker neutral shade on my lips. It applies easily and has a very creamy texture to it, so it feels quite hydrating. I have found in the past that cheaper lipsticks dry my lips out, however this didn’t dry them out at all. It didn’t last through a meal, but then I’ve come to realise that only a miracle can make that happen. However I didn’t use a seal on top as I wanted to see how it stayed by itself first. 
I am really won over by how good this lipstick is, and at only Β£2.99 it’s a steal! 
You can buy Jade’s Lipstick at Superdrug and Boots.