Review: Essential Nuance Airy Japanese Hair Mask

The Essential hair masks are a product I’ve been wanting to try out for a while.
When I say a while, I mean I’ve had this on my list for several years now. Crazy, right?
Even when I was living in Japan I never got round to actually trying the hair masks out.
Well I finally decided to buy one of these from Alpha Beauty Store a few weeks ago.
There are a couple of hair masks in the collection, and I went for Nuance Airy.
It claims to give damaged and limp hair a new lease of life, with a light and bouncy feel.
Naunce Airy is specifically aimed at helping those with coloured/heat styled hair.
It aims to repair the last 15cm of your hair, but you can use it over all of your hair.
After washing your hair and towel drying it, pop this on for 5mins and then wash off.
You can use this 2 to 3 times a week, when washing your hair.
+ Smells amazing
+ Left my hair soft & silky
+ Adorable packaging 
+ Good for coloured/damaged hair
+ Lots of product

– Won’t smooth out frizzy hair

The Essential hair mask lived up to all of my expectations. First off, can we please talk about how gorgeous the packaging is? I’m not a fan of pink but this is adorable and definitely lives up to the high standard set by Japanese packaging. The product itself has a rather buttery, thick texture to it. It’s not unpleasant and actually makes it a lot easier to handle. The shea butter and honey in this means that it smells amazing whilst you’re wearing it, and the smells lasts long after you’ve washed it off too. I thought it might weigh my fine hair down slightly, but that wasn’t a problem at all. It left my hair soft and silky feeling, although it didn’t stop my hair from frizzing…but then not much does. It’s also worth mentioning that I had my tips bleached a couple of weeks ago, so they were a bit dry but this At £9.58 this isn’t cheap, but there is plenty of product to go around. It’s definitely something I’ll be buying again. 
The store may be closed for the first week or so of February due to Chinese New Year.