New Hair, Don’t Care!

After literally months of debating it, I have changed my hair colour.
I went back to Bleach, as they’re the only hair colourists I trust now.
If you don’t remember (shame on you!) my hair was a vibrant red before.
I wanted to go darker, back to my natural colour, so they matched up my roots.
My natural colour is a very dark brown (almost black), so it was a big change!
As they matched my roots, it means there’s pretty much no maintenance involved.
I wanted it a bit different though so I asked for an ombré dip-dye on the ends.
I’m hoping to go back soon and get the ends bleached/lightened a bit more.
Bleach may like using bleach, but they know how much and when to do it.
I’m so happy to have darker hair again, it’s been forever!
I was genuinely shocked when they matched my roots up and I realised how dark they were.
It’s been a long time since I saw my natural colour properly, but I think I’m gonna like it.