Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

Yesterday I stopped by Bleach in Dalston to get my hair topped up. Now by ‘topped up’ I mean darkened at the top and lightened at the ends. As I had such a vivid red before it’s going to take a while to get rid of it all.  So Carl matched my roots again on top with a dark brown and bleached the ends.  My tips are slowly lightening but are going to need more bleaching before they’re blonde. In the meantime he suggested having a colour on the tips that would wash out over time. So he convinced me to go for the pink-purple tips that you see above, and I love it! I’ve never had a colour like this before and the gradient on my hair is just perfect. It’s fun not having a ‘natural’ colour as I always want something vivid and different. 
What do you think?

New Hair, Don’t Care!

After literally months of debating it, I have changed my hair colour.
I went back to Bleach, as they’re the only hair colourists I trust now.
If you don’t remember (shame on you!) my hair was a vibrant red before.
I wanted to go darker, back to my natural colour, so they matched up my roots.
My natural colour is a very dark brown (almost black), so it was a big change!
As they matched my roots, it means there’s pretty much no maintenance involved.
I wanted it a bit different though so I asked for an ombré dip-dye on the ends.
I’m hoping to go back soon and get the ends bleached/lightened a bit more.
Bleach may like using bleach, but they know how much and when to do it.
I’m so happy to have darker hair again, it’s been forever!
I was genuinely shocked when they matched my roots up and I realised how dark they were.
It’s been a long time since I saw my natural colour properly, but I think I’m gonna like it.

Photo Diary: OOTD Catch-up

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been having some fun with my outfits.
I was finally able to pop to my parent’s house and bring back my Summer wardrobe.
You know your country has a problem with weather when you store your seasonal clothing away.
Typically English whining aside, I loved being able to wear some dresses and show my legs off again.
I was also pretty ecstatic as I found my infamous ‘Purple Paris Trousers’ amongst my Summer clothes.
I love them to pieces but some people just don’t seem to be able to understand just how amazing they are.
So I intend to rep them on the blog as much as possible this Summer!
On the darker days I was able to shine with the help of accessories and my amazingly bright red hair.
I’ve been wearing a lot of accessories by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tatty Devine and indie brands recently.
As gorgeous as they all are though, I don’t think anything is as good an accessory as my hair is right now.
Don’t worry I’m not becoming bigheaded, I’m just super happy (and pretty proud) of my hair for once.
Ever since I had it done at Bleach I’ve had people stopping me to tell me how much they love the colour.
It’s a silly little compliment but it boosts my confidence and makes me glad I went back to red.
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New Hair!!

Say hello to the new me!
Yes, after 6 months of avoiding the hairdresser, I finally had my hair cut.
For a while I had wanted to grow my hair out, after looking at an old photo. Thanks for that nostalgia.
Well after doing that for a while I remembered how thin my hair looked long and fancied short hair again.
So yesterday I made my way to Bleach in Dalston – the same salon that put the lovely red in my hair (thanks Scarlett!).
If you follow hair trends then you should have have most probably heard of Bleach. Their main salon is based in Dalston (just down the road from me – lucky!) and they also have one in Topshop Oxford Circus. They’re known their colouring (see their amazing LookBook here) but they’re also not too bad with a pair of scissors. Being in Bleach is like watching artists at work. The hair creations that go on in that salon are amazing. I always end up wanting a new hair colour each time I go as I see other fancy people walking out with theirs. When I went yesterday, this lovely lady was having her hair dyed blue and it was gorgeous! Anyway, back to my hair. Forgotten what it looked like before? It was a slightly longer version of this.
I wanted a long bob, to make my hair look a bit thicker and so I could have fun styling it.
I usually go into a salon with an idea of what I want but know it won’t usually happen.
Well this time the wonderful Loren cut & styled my hair for me, and she did an amazing job.
My apologies for the poor quality photos but I was feeling a bit blergh after getting back, so I used my iPhone.
Anyway, here’s a derpy gif of my new hair to amuse you into forgetting how bad the photos really are.
Emma the Puffa Fish says “you can visit the Bleach website here