Animal Crossing New Leaf Diary: Week 1

Screencaps from my town ‘Blomzvil’ in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A week has now passed since I started playing the new Animal Crossing game.
As you can see I’ve been busy socialising, shopping and travelling…pretty much an average day then!
So far I’ve found the game just as fun and addictive as the first, it’s also filled with a lot more hidden extras.
New Leaf puts you in the role of Mayor, of your own town.
I named mine ‘Blomzvil’ (because ‘Bloomzyville’ was apparently too long).
Ok it may not be an original name but Blomzvil sounds quite prosperous, no?
Moving in was exciting as it meant decorating my house – an ongoing mission, that’s also fun.
Since moving in I’ve expanded my house three times, and have even commissioned a new bridge.
That probably sounds incredibly boring but I am not kidding when I say that this is a great game.
I’ve enjoyed doing all the activities, and the new island feature, which is full of Kappas – I love Kappas!
My lovely Sami was the first visitor to my town last night (I’ve visited her a couple of times already).
I’m really bad at leaving the gates open for friends to come and visit. I just keep forgetting.
I really would like to have more visitors and to visit other people’s towns.
So leave your friend code if you’re playing too!
Another great feature of the 3DS XL is that you can use it as a pedometer.
You can keep track of how many steps you’ve taken as well as earning special credits to spend in your games.
I love this little incentive as it’s a fun way to encourage people to walk more, and take their console with them.
You can purchase Animal Crossing in stores on the high street, or online here.