Video: Hyper Japan 2013

I’ve made a small video with some footage that I took at Hyper Japan 2013.

Unfortunately this was after my camera died so it was all taken on my iPhone.

Even so if you watch it in 720p HD you will still get the full effect.


Animal Crossing New Leaf Diary

It’s been a while since I mentioned Animal Crossing, hasn’t it?
Well even though I took a short blog hiatus I didn’t stop playing.
Since my last diary post, I’ve done quite a bit.
I’ve built a few things for my town, such as the dream suite and camping site.
I’ve also had Sami visit me a few more times, as well as Ken visitine me, and me visiting him.
Club LOL (music/comedy club) has opened, as has Shampoodle (beauty parlour) & Kicks (shoe store).
Not only that but I’ve really got into collection furniture & clothing, and donating items to the museum.
I also got the QR Code reader so I can now download outfits and prints etc. that others have made.
It’s fair to say that after investing more time in playing the game, I want to play it more.
I think that’s one of the big appeals of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
There’s always something to do, and more to create.
I’ve also been using the pedometer (on the 3DS XL) most days.
I realise now that I do a crazy amount of walking.
You can purchase Animal Crossing in stores on the high street, or online here.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Diary: Week 1

Screencaps from my town ‘Blomzvil’ in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A week has now passed since I started playing the new Animal Crossing game.
As you can see I’ve been busy socialising, shopping and travelling…pretty much an average day then!
So far I’ve found the game just as fun and addictive as the first, it’s also filled with a lot more hidden extras.
New Leaf puts you in the role of Mayor, of your own town.
I named mine ‘Blomzvil’ (because ‘Bloomzyville’ was apparently too long).
Ok it may not be an original name but Blomzvil sounds quite prosperous, no?
Moving in was exciting as it meant decorating my house – an ongoing mission, that’s also fun.
Since moving in I’ve expanded my house three times, and have even commissioned a new bridge.
That probably sounds incredibly boring but I am not kidding when I say that this is a great game.
I’ve enjoyed doing all the activities, and the new island feature, which is full of Kappas – I love Kappas!
My lovely Sami was the first visitor to my town last night (I’ve visited her a couple of times already).
I’m really bad at leaving the gates open for friends to come and visit. I just keep forgetting.
I really would like to have more visitors and to visit other people’s towns.
So leave your friend code if you’re playing too!
Another great feature of the 3DS XL is that you can use it as a pedometer.
You can keep track of how many steps you’ve taken as well as earning special credits to spend in your games.
I love this little incentive as it’s a fun way to encourage people to walk more, and take their console with them.
You can purchase Animal Crossing in stores on the high street, or online here.

Introducing: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS

Earlier this week Nintendo sent me over a new 3DS XL as a gift.
Of course I was very excited, but what it came with was even more exciting.
If you haven’t already guessed, it was the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game!
The original Animal Crossing came out over 12 years ago – can you believe it?!
I had the first game and loved it to pieces so I was very happy to receive this.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is nothing new to avid gamers, or those living in Japan.
However the game was not released in America, Europe and Australia until this month!
The new game goes along similar lines as the first, but with lots of extras and new gameplay.
So what does Nintendo have to say about it? 
“As mayor of your own town, you make the decisions that shape your town and your life. Experience a living, breathing world where new friends and new discoveries await every day. Express yourself by customizing your character, your house, and your town as you create your own ideal world (loaded with characters, items, and activities). Customise outfits in countless ways. Furnish your house with an extensive variety of furniture, carpet, and wall decorations to reflect your personality. Visit the Main Street Shopping area and Happy Home showcase. Swim in the ocean to find rare shell fish. Collect insects and fossils all year long. As mayor, make the big decisions about what build, business hours for shops, and other new ways to customize your town to your liking. Then connect with friends to show off what makes your character, your house, and your town unique.”

Recently I’ve been wanting to take on new territories on the blog.
Therefore I will be writing a few posts on my progress with the game, and possibly posting videos.
I was really happy with the response that my last game post received, so I’m hoping that you will all enjoy these too.
Please feel free to leave your friend codes if you would like me to come visit you!
You can purchase Animal Crossing in stores on the high street, or online here.