Teeny Tiny Haul: Lisa Angel

You may remember my last post on Lisa Angel.
Well since then the brand has been growing and growing.
I’m always so proud to see local brands do well, so it means a lot to me.
I’ve known the brand since they first started up, which was quite a while ago.
My friend who works for them was kind enough to send me a couple of items recently.
I’m a big fan of rose gold lately, and after my rings from Whistles turned sour I needed some new ones.
I was lucky enough to spot these rose gold stack rings on the website, which were exactly what I wanted.
I thought the little ‘Live, Love, Dance, Sing’ motifs written around the individual rings was a lovely touch.
I’ll probably be wearing these altogether as a set, as I like to overindulge like that.
The second item was this beautifully petite semi-precious Lapis necklace.
A lot of the semi-precious jewellery I own are statement pieces, which means I don’t really layer them.
That may sound odd but I’ve been after something delicate, that I could layer with other necklaces.
Lapis is probably one of my favourite stones for this as the deep blue really stands out, especially against gold.
This may soon become my ‘go-to’ everyday necklace.
I had a lot of fun photographing these as the times and packaging were so cute.
Can I just be a jewellery photographer now please?!
You can receive 20% off at Lisa Angel until 31st March with code: ‘bloomzy’.
Shop online here.