My 'Everyday Hair' Routine

Before Christmas I was gifted with this lovely ghd Style & Protect Gift Set.
I was then asked to create a post where I incorporated the products into my routine.
Luckily all the products are items that I would use in my everyday look.
What I use:

4. ghd Hair Clips (included in the set)
6. Hair Dryer
Step One:
I give my hair a spritz with the straight and smooth spray, and work it through my hair.
This helps to straighten & smooth my hair, whilst protecting it from the heat from my dryer & straighteners.
You can also use the spray in between washes to help protect against heat.
Look at that post-shower fresh face!
Step Two:
Grabbing the paddle brush I gently detangle my hair (if needed).
Then using my hair dryer and the brush together I blow dry my hair straight.
This is always a challenge as one side usually comes out straighter than the other.
Step Three:
After drying my hair, I use the clips to separate parts of my hair, ready for straightening.
My hair isn’t particularly thick, but I do have layers so this makes it easier.
I then grab my go-to ghds and start straightening! 
Sometimes I curl the ends under, depending on the look I want.
Step Four:
If I feel like it, I take the ghd Final Shine spray and pop a little on my hair.
It isn’t too heavy and it helps to add a little extra shine, whist keeping away bits of frizz.
Instead of spraying this directly onto my hair (you can!) I spray into my hands and work through my hair.
Step Five:
After a little styling with the brush, I’m done!!
My ‘everyday hair’ routine may not consist of much but it works for me.
I love ghd as a brand and these products make my routine so much easier.
It was so much fun creating this hair tutorial!
I’m currently growing my hair out (again!) so look out for more in the future.
You can purchase all of the products shown at the ghd website – check out hairstyles by ghd for inspiration.