Guest Post: Top 5 Summer Hairstyles

Today’s final, and wonderful guest post comes from freelance blogger Brooke Samsonite (she blogs here, and tweets here). She will be sharing her take on the top 5 latest fashionable Summer hairstyles for you to re-create – enjoy!

Top 5 Summer Hairstyles
At the peak of the summer season, we’re seeing several hair styles that are making waves—literally.
In most cases, it’s not surprising to see where some of these trends got their starts, but like them or love them they’re the hot hairstyles of summer 2012.
If you’re looking for a new style or just wondering where your current style fits in with today’s fashion, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, here are this year’s top five summer hairstyles:
1. Side braid

A lot of celebrities are opting for various renditions of the side braid, from fishtail braids to loose, flowy wraps. Loose side braids are easy to accomplish and look better with a lot of body. Volumizers, mousse and setting your hair with rollers first can help achieve this. Fishtail braids are a little difficult to achieve (tutorial here), so they may take practice to get the right look, but their summertime appeal is off the charts.
2. Side chignon

A popular hairstyle for brides, the side chignon has a relaxed, yet elegant, appearance. But this isn’t a wedding-specific hairstyle. There are plenty of settings where the side chignon can come off beautifully. It works for holiday parties, nights out and can even be a quick-fix when you’re in a hurry. And getting the look is simple enough that virtually anyone can put it up and pull it off.
3. Ballerina bun

Dream of being a Bunhead? You’re not alone. Part of ABC Family’s summer lineup is “Bunheads,” a popular television show about the ballerina life. Whether duplicating the show’s hairstyle is intentional, girls are donning the ballerina bun. To get the look, many girls use a hair donut accessory (buy one here) to get a tight, even wrap on their bun, which can be secured into place with bobby pins.
4. Beachy waves

Does long, wavy hair ever go out of style? Not on the beach, and certainly not in the summer. Blonde highlights are a staple color pop for beachy waves, but this hairstyle looks great with any hair color.
5. Shades of red

If you’re up for trying a bold hair makeover, try going with red. But before taking the plunge, make sure you get the right color for your skin tone and are diligent about maintaining red hair. You can’t lose, because if you don’t like your color choice, you can always dye it again.
This list doesn’t imply that creativity has no place when it comes to your personal style. But if you’ve been searching for some direction to bring your hair up to speed with the season and the trends, you should be set for a little experimentation and a lot of summer fun.

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