Review: Murine Bright & Moist Eye Drops

Murine Bright & Moist Eye Drops*

Since the release of eye drops that claim to ‘brighten’ or ‘whiten’ your eyes, I’ve been quite intrigued.
As I suffer from allergies most of the year my eyes can sometimes be dry, itchy and slightly red.
So you can see why I might be interested in these.
Murine’s eye drops are made from a special liquid gel, which include moisturisers and a brightener.
They aim to refresh and soothe the eyes, whilst adding a bit of a sparkle.
I’ve used several eye drops from different brands, so my review will be based on comparing Murine’s drops to my previous experience and also by looking at what the drops claim to do.
Top: Before drops
Bottom: After drops

+ Soothing
+ Refreshing
+ Kept my eyes hydrated
+ Slight brightening of my eyes
– No drastic brightening of my eyes
– The gel felt a bit odd to start with
– Can’t be used with contact lenses
I wasn’t really expecting anything amazing with these, so the results didn’t really upset me.
I loved the refreshing effect of the drops, they definitely soothed my eyes when they were dry/itchy. I only applied the drops (2 in each eye) once for a whole day (you can apply them up to 4 times a day), which is a first out of all the brands I have previously used. However I didn’t find the whitening effect to be that…well…effective. Even so, I did notice that the usual red-ness I sometimes suffer from (due to allergies) was slightly less noticeable.
For the price, and the refreshing/soothing effect alone, I would buy these.
If it was purely for the whitening/brightening effect, I’d probably try something else.
You can buy Murine Bright & Moist 15ml Eye Drops at Boots, for £4.49
You can also purchase it online, here.