Where to Eat in London 2

The Icecreamists | Ice Cream Parlour | Covent Garden | Website
– reservations not available –
Dream Bags & Jaguar Shoes | Dinner/Bar | Shoreditch | Website
– reservations not available –

Aubin Cinema | Cinema with Bar/Snacks | Shoreditch | Website
–  ticket bookings available  –

The Diner | All-day Menu | Shoreditch | Website
– reservations may be available –

Lola’s Cupcakes & Pinkberry Frozen Yoghurt |  Selfridges Food Court | Website 1 & 2
– reservations not available –

I’m a pretty big foodie, if you hadn’t already guessed, so I wanted to post a bit about food in London.
There are some amazing places to eat and pick up food, and these are just a few of the places I visited on my last trip.
Kind of like a Where to Eat in London – I have included the name, type of restaurant/cafe/store, the location of the place I visited, and a link to their website, as the bigger places have more than one location.

I had to split this series into two posts (you can find the first one here) as I just had too many places and photos I wanted to feature – even then I didn’t get to include them all. If you’re curious about what I ate feel free to ask but I didn’t write it as I think it’s self explanatory from most of the photos.

I wouldn’t have included these places if I didn’t love and recommend them.
So if you have the chance you should definitely check them out!