Review: Lush Colour Supplement

First off I’d like to excuse the state of my pot of Jackie Oats.
I was recently asked by some readers to review Lush’s colour supplement, after I mentioned it was one of my favourites in my ‘Basic Make-Up Must Haves‘ post. It is an item I use everyday, hence why mine looks very used. I’ll try to update the post with a nicer picture when I buy my next pot.
Lush’s Colour Supplements are an amazing addition to the natural beauty market.
I went into my local Lush store to try out their supplements, as I’m a fan of natural beauty products and the brand itself. The lovely staff lady helped me pick my shade. We tried out the pale pink and yellow shades, but they didn’t work out and eventually we settled on ‘Jackie Oats‘. Jackie Oats is the palest of the 5 shades that Lush currently offers, and is aimed at ‘English Rose’ complexions. As it is aimed at those with pale skin, it also includes sun block to help those with sensitive skin – it also includes aloe vera and oatmilk to help reduce redness, which is one thing I have found to be very effective.


The great thing about Lush’s colour supplements is that you can use them in several different ways:
1. Straight out of the pot, as a foundation.
2. Dabbed onto the skin, as a concealer. 
3. Mixed with your favourite moisturiser, as a tinted moisturiser.

Lush’s Jackie Oats is the first ‘foundation’ that has matched my skin tone enough that it isn’t visible.
By this I mean that it isn’t too dark or orange, and it blends well with my natural skin tone.
It covers any red marks I might have, and helps to even out my complexion. I usually pair it with Collection 2000 powder, as it holds it well. Since I started using Jackie Oats as a foundation people have been complimenting my complexion. Someone even said it was flawless a few days ago. 
I’m definitely sold!
You can find Lush’s Colour Supplements in-store and online, here.