Review: Lush Colour Supplement

First off I’d like to excuse the state of my pot of Jackie Oats.
I was recently asked by some readers to review Lush’s colour supplement, after I mentioned it was one of my favourites in my ‘Basic Make-Up Must Haves‘ post. It is an item I use everyday, hence why mine looks very used. I’ll try to update the post with a nicer picture when I buy my next pot.
Lush’s Colour Supplements are an amazing addition to the natural beauty market.
I went into my local Lush store to try out their supplements, as I’m a fan of natural beauty products and the brand itself. The lovely staff lady helped me pick my shade. We tried out the pale pink and yellow shades, but they didn’t work out and eventually we settled on ‘Jackie Oats‘. Jackie Oats is the palest of the 5 shades that Lush currently offers, and is aimed at ‘English Rose’ complexions. As it is aimed at those with pale skin, it also includes sun block to help those with sensitive skin – it also includes aloe vera and oatmilk to help reduce redness, which is one thing I have found to be very effective.


The great thing about Lush’s colour supplements is that you can use them in several different ways:
1. Straight out of the pot, as a foundation.
2. Dabbed onto the skin, as a concealer. 
3. Mixed with your favourite moisturiser, as a tinted moisturiser.

Lush’s Jackie Oats is the first ‘foundation’ that has matched my skin tone enough that it isn’t visible.
By this I mean that it isn’t too dark or orange, and it blends well with my natural skin tone.
It covers any red marks I might have, and helps to even out my complexion. I usually pair it with Collection 2000 powder, as it holds it well. Since I started using Jackie Oats as a foundation people have been complimenting my complexion. Someone even said it was flawless a few days ago. 
I’m definitely sold!
You can find Lush’s Colour Supplements in-store and online, here.

My Basic Make-up Must-haves!

I often write reviews on new make-up products I have bought, so I thought I would write about my favourite make-up products – the ones that I rush to buy as soon as I begin to run out. These are just basic items that I use to create a simple, natural look, or use as a base for less ‘natural’ looks. Note: I didn’t include eyeshadows or items that I am constantly experimenting with, or buying in new colours and brands etc.

What are my must-have make-up items?

+ Chanel Lipsticks – Rouge Coco #31 is my favourite.
+ Lipcote – to get the most wear out of my lipsticks.
+ Maxfactor Masterpiece Max Mascara – gives good volume.
+ Sephora Liquid Eyelinerlove the application of this.
+ Sephora White Eye Pencilgreat for highlighting my eyes.
+ Dollywink Eyeliner Pen – great for filling in, or using on lower lash line.
+ Canmake Blush #PW20 – amazingly pigmented, gives great colour.
+ Lush’s Jackie Oats Colour Supplement – perfect for my skin tone.
+ Collection 2000 Pressed Powder – the only powder I’ve found that matches my skin tone perfectly.

I’ve been using the Chanel, Lipcote, Dollywink, Canmake and Maxfactor items for a long time.
The others are all relatively new (within a year), but have quickly become firm favourites of mine.
These are items that I would gladly buy again and again…and I do!
They may not work for everyone, but they work perfectly for me.
Do you have any favourite make-up products?

Birthday Gifts 2

Some gifts from friends

I shall certainly be smelling nice for the rest of the year (not that I don’t already), with some gorgeous items from Lush. 
Little Green Bag includes: Squeaky Green Shampoo & Jungle Solid Conditioner, Sugar Scrub, Sea Vegetable Soap and Each Peach and Two’s a Pair Massage Bar and Tin.
Buttercup includes: Butterball bath bomb and Honey I Washed the Kids soap.
Some old favourites of mine, and some new ones that I can’t wait to try!
The Tea gift set is from the wonderful Teapigs online store and included: Yerba Mate, Lemon & Ginger, Super Fruit and Mao Feng Green Tea. All amazing teas that I adore – can’t wait to relax with this!!
You all know my love for Matcha (powdered green tea) by now, well you can also buy it at Teapigs!
Finally, an absolutely amazing present.
This t-shirt is from my friend Zak, we lived together in Tokyo and went to the same university there. Whilst we were studying in Tokyo we often came up with strange, random things on our commutes. This is one of those things – yep, it’s me riding atop a sting ray yelling “キモチィィィ” (Japanese for ‘wonderful feeling’). He drew and designed it whilst we were in Tokyo, and this year he put it on a t-shirt for me.
Thank you to all my wonderful friends ♥

Lush Cupcake Event

In October a few friends and I went to a specially arranged ‘Cupcake Event’ at our local Lush store. I’m a big fan of Lush, as you already know, and cupcakes, of course. The event drew us in with it’s offer of a free facial, make your own face mask and decorate your own cupcake.
And of course a nice chat with the Lush shop staff, always a pleasure.
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

Friends getting facials, their colourful array of bath bombs & some cupcakes
&& the sparkly cupcake I decorated!
Shhh…it’s supposed to be a rose.
The chocolate & peppermint face mask I made & I also bought some toner tabs and a shower bomb.

The event was so much fun, and perfect for a girly evening out. My tomboy-ish friend even commented on how she had ‘enjoyed being so girly, but it had probably filled [her] quota for the month’. Girly-ness aside, the facials were very relaxing and it was so much fun making our own face masks and decorating cupcakes. Not to mention I chatted for ages with the lovely shop staff. We discussed; shopping trends, Lush in Japan, their latest gift boxes and how they were designed, and much more…

I can’t wait for the next Lush event!

Oh so ‘LUSH’ !

Recently I have become a bit of a LUSH addict so I wanted to introduce you to a couple of their products that I love right now.
Trichomania Shampoo Bar
Retread Conditioner
After the bleaching etc. my hair has been through lately, LUSH’s natural shampoos and conditioners have been welcomed with open arms. As you can see the shampoo bar which I bought about 3 months ago is still going – amazing Although it is on it’s last legs haha
Of course it does depend on the size you buy but when the woman told me that the bars last so much longer than regular liquid shampoo I wasn’t so sure…but it’s true! That’s probably my 3rd pot of conditioner but everyone knows you use more conditioner. Even so, I would say they still last about a month which is pretty good…and when you collect 5 pots & take them back in-store you get a free face mask. Bargain!
Since using both of these, my hair is the best it has been in years. I am sold!!
On the subject of showers/baths…

Whoosh Shower Jelly
The LUSH shower jellies always intrigued me so when my fiance’s sister gifted me with this one I was a very happy girly. I definitely think it will come in handy too, because this is perfect for jet-lag or general tiredness, and with my return to university fast approaching this will be needed
I have high hopes for it, if only for the smell alone. The smell, oh the smell, it truly is amazing. I can’t describe it but it’s so fresh and invigorating…it kinda reminds me of the fizzy sweets I used to eat as a child

Jackie Oats Colour Supplement
Next up is something for the make-up bag. 
I don’t currently use foundation as I am sure you’ve seen me mention. I did want to try out a tinted moisturiser though, so I shopped around at MAC and a few other places. However they were all either too dark or felt bad on my skin. So I popped into LUSH.
The colour supplements they offer are great because they can be used solely as a foundation or concealer, or blended to create a tinted moisturiser. I did some tests in-store and the palest of the supplements suited me best, no surprise there then
I’m not really a big fan of natural make-up products but this is very good. This feels so much better on my skin, it’s sensitive and it doesn’t break me out. I also love that I can create my own shades & consistencies by mixing it with a moisturiser. 
And last but certainly not least…

Heavanlili Massage Bar
I once had a member of the LUSH team treat me to a hand-massage at a TopShop lock-in (with the ‘strawberry feels forever’ bar), and the rest is history. I was so hooked by the smell and the softness of my skin afterwards that I had to have more!
I’m always pestering my fiance to give me a massage, because it helps relieve everday aches & pains, and is very relaxing~ So when I showed him the ‘massage bar’ section in The Lush Times, he went out and bought me one. Awww
The one above smells like Vanilla, and it’s so gentle on your skin. As soon as you hold it in your hands it starts to melt into your skin, but don’t worry it doesn’t really melt. You just work a little into your hands, or onto your victim, and massage away. This one is always supposed to be a bit of an aphrodisiac though, so watch who you use it on haha
I really love how LUSH use natural, vegetarian ingredients in handmade products that aren’t tested on animals…because believe it or not, there are still some companies that do nowadaysNot only that but their products are good on the body and smell awesome!!