Review: MUA Primer & Pretty Pastels Palette

Recently MUA were offering free items with a purchase, to celebrate their birthday.
When I saw the ‘Pretty Pastel Palette‘ was one of the free items I quickly put my order in.
Now whether you love this Spring/Summer’s pastel trend or not, pastel eyeshadows are always a great basic to add to any make-up collection. So is eye primer, therefore I decided to review the two together.
I am only going to do a short review on this, as I can’t say I’m really sold on the product.
It is quite a thick eye primer, compared to others I have used, and I found that it was a little cakey.
Whilst the primer helps your eyeshadow last throughout the day, I found it very hard to remove my eye make-up at night. 
I liked the applicator, and the slight tint the primer had to it, but that’s about it.
Considering the price though (£2.50), I wasn’t expecting anything amazing.
I feel bad as this is the first MUA product I have disliked, but I don’t think I will be using it again.
Don’t take my word alone though, I have read other reviews that praise the primer.

Swatches (with MUA Primer)

I really liked this palette, and the colours that were included (better photo here).
They are very pastel-y and light, which is perfect for creating a simple, feminine eye – which is why I bought it.
I was a little put off by the glittery sheen (they may look matte on the website, but they are not) that you can see in the swatches – I would have preferred a matte shadow. However after I applied the eyeshadows and did the rest of my make-up I found that I didn’t really notice it. It is quite difficult to get a pigmented colour, so if this is what you’re after you will definitely have to use a primer and it will take a few applications. However I don’t think you should expect high pigmentation from a pastel palette..
I’ve used this palette several times now, each time with a different colour.
So far the pinks, purples & browns have to be my favourites.
Definitely glad that I bought this! Shame about the primer.

You can purchase the MUA Primer here.
You can purchase the MUA Pretty Pastels Palette here (only £4!).