Beauty from the inside out

Cho-Yung Green Tea & Supplements from my Big Pink Box

Lately I’ve not been feeling at my best.
I’m tired, stressed and generally feeling quite rubbish.
I’ve put a lot of this down to my wheat intolerance, which flares up when I’m stressed.
However it hasn’t helped that I’ve been eating wheat products like there’s no tomorrow!
I love pastries, bread etc. and even though I know they’re not good for me sometimes I find myself giving in.
So I decided to change all that!
Now that university is finishing and Summer is approaching I decided to turn it all around.
I don’t want to be tired or feeling down all the time, and I think getting my body back in shape is the way to combat that!
The supplements from my big pink box have been sat on my cabinet for a while now, but there is a reason for that. 
I actually take supplements already, and I wanted to finish the ones I had before I started these. It’s good to remember that taking a bunch of vitamins together probably won’t do much. So it’s worth checking the info on your supplements and making note of the % of which vitamins and minerals etc. your supplements are offering, and remember that you’ll also be getting some from your diet! Sometimes you just can’t help it though, so don’t worry too much.
Anyway, I’m not a dietician but I know that cutting out wheat, taking supplements and drinking plenty will help me get back to my usual self. Please note that this is not a diet to lose weight, but to get healthy!

So I will be taking the following to help me out:
I will update you all in a month to see if there is any difference!
How do YOU keep your diet healthy?