Review: Miaflora Moroccan Argan Oil

I had to do a review on this, because it is currently my favourite product for hair, although it can be used on skin too.
It’s a bit of a miracle cure for those with dry or frizzy hair – like me!
So what is Argan Oil?
It’s a cosmetic (in this case) oil made from the Argan tree, that is traditionally produced in Morocco.
It’s made from natural products and can be used to nourish and protect hair, skin and nails. 
It can be used on all skin-types and can be used to smooth hair out and give it extra nutrients and shine.

What the oil looks like in your hands.

How do you use it?
– You can apply it to nail cuticles
– You can add a few drops to your bath
– Or use it for rough/dry patches of skin, or as a body moisturiser.
– You can use it as a daily facial moisturiser, and it can be applied before make-up.
– Finally, my favourite use – you can apply it to dry/split ends (or all over to add shine) to add some life to dull hair.
What do I think of it?
I love it! I started using it on my hair, because no matter what I do or what products I use, it’s always dry.
It’s nothing to do with dying etc. (though that doesn’t help), my hair has just always been this way since I was little. It’s also very frizzy and it can be difficult to handle when it’s not straightened/styled (thanks to my dad who passed on his tight, coarse, curly hair), so I found Argan Oil to be a lifesaver. It calms my hair down, gives it some moisture and even de-frizzes it. This is my miracle hair product!

As for using it on skin, well I haven’t tried it yet.
Some people have said it works wonders, whilst others have said it has made their skin worse.
I easily come out in blemishes so I probably won’t use it on my face, but I have started using it on dry patches of skin. 

You can purchase Miaflora Argan Oil here.
Disclaimer: This item was sent to me by the lovely people at Pegasus PR, in my big pink box (see here). However I am not required to review these products and have chosen to do so myself. All views represented in this post are my own.