Photo Diary: Sweet Candy

American candy package from Emily, part of my wardrobe, my bedside table,
New Topshop ring, macarons from marks & spencer, new necklace from Wavy Jewellery.

This post was originally going to be just about the candy that Emily sent me, and macarons.
Then I thought about the recent ‘eye candy’ I bought in the form of clothes & jewellery…see what I did there?
The candy from Emily was part of an exchange we did. I had mentioned how some chocolate she posted on Instagram looked yummy and she offered to send me a package. I love sending themed packages so I sent her one in return, full of English sweets – I hope they were tasty!
As for the macarons, Marks & Spencer have started selling regular 12 packs, but I picked up this special 9 pack for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as it had my favourite flavour – salted caramel. It’s quite hard to find macarons in British food stores, and these ones are limited edition so pick them up quickly if you’re a fan! 
Now onto the jewellery!
I’ve been after some more ‘delicate’ items to add to my collection, as I have way too many ‘statement’ pieces.
This ring was in the Topshop sale and it was perfect. They also have some lovely necklaces and earrings too, but I’m waiting for my trip to Manchester (when classes finish). The necklace was to replace my favourite stone necklace that broke recently. I happened to stumble across Wavy Jewellery (here) and this necklace called out to me. Such a gorgeous colour, and the silver (plated) chain really works well with it.
I know this is a bit of a filler post, but I have quite a few reviews to post 
and I don’t want to overwhelm people, or the blog. Sorry!