A little disclaimer…

Recently I have been receiving offers from various companies, asking me to collaborate with them (in the form of affiliations) or review their products etc. Therefore I thought it was about time that I write a small disclaimer for the blog, and I wanted to explain it to my readers first. I always like to include a small disclaimer, as I don’t want to hide the fact that I have been sent these items. I’m not saying it is a bad thing if you don’t mention it, I just prefer to be up front about those kind of things but it does get tiring having to write disclaimers on every post.

Please also note that I don’t accept every item/affiliation. I only accept those that I feel are relevant to my interests (products I want to try, or have thought of buying myself) and the blogs.

So here is what will be happening…
From May 2012, if an item in a post has been provided by a company or pr agency, or it has been bought with gifted store credit etc. I will be placing a small * next to the product/brand name. This will be an indication that I did not buy the item personally, and that it has been sent/provided to me. I will usually include a link to the website of the company/item. Before 16 May 2012, disclaimers were included in the text of the blog post, or at the bottom of the blog post. If you’re curious as to who I affiliate with, you can find banners and links at the bottom of the sidebar.
I do write sponsored posts (as of August 2012) which means that I am being paid to write content for a company/brand, as well as sometimes being provided a product also. These kind of posts will always be declared. This does not mean the integrity of the content will change at all.

From 2013 I may be running small ads on my blog occasionally. These will not be annoying (I hate massive ads on blogs) and you by no means have to click on them unless you are interested. These ads are run by Nuffnang, which I am a member of.

From Jan 2014 I will have installed Skimlinks on the blog, which isn’t intrusive to you but it may occasionally change links on my blog into affiliate links, and keywords in my posts into links.

I will be placing a mini disclaimer about this on the right hand side, alongside my image disclaimer. Please note that all opinions stated are my own – even if I have been sent an item by a company, my views and opinions will still remain 100% honest!
I hope you will all understand my decision behind this and continue to support me in the future. 

Thank you ♥